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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

CT effectiveness from "E"

Day 38 - July 1, 2009 - Week 5
After posting my 'CT adventures' yesterday I neglected to insert a 'real life example' that provides encouragement when sweating it out in the garage. Elmar F (aka "E") is a good friend of mine who I have had the pleasure of assisting in his triathlon pursuits since Jan 2008. When he took on IM Austria in 2008 he did some significant time on his CT in prep.

Below is a quick snip it from our dialogue this AM, I was riding the IMA course (3D SW) several times before going to Austria and was never able to break the 6hr. mark on the CT. I rode a 5:35 in Austria and felt pretty good off the bike. First Lap I did in 2:40… the best I ever did a lap on the CT was a 2.56…

Ladies and gentleman...this is some good stuff. This is exactly what I am hoping to see go down at IML. Thanks for sharing E...

Today I will be focusing on the pool and allow the legs to absorb M and T. The goal is to alternate between tethered swimming and Critical Swim Speed 100s. Short and simple.

Side note: the bone bruise that I sustained at FL 70.3 is seeming to resurface...not so happy about this and hoping its a fluke thing. Icing it w/ hopes that I can still go long on the run tomorrow as intended.

God is in control...

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