Can you complete/compete at the 140.6 distance w/ only 10 hrs of training per week?

Saturday, July 4, 2009

1.5 mile loop x 12 = 18 miler

Day 41 - July 2, 2009 - Week 5
Happy July 4th to you all! I certainly hope you were able to have some solid hang time w/ good friends and family.

This day was outstanding. My dear wife put in 5 hrs of training starting at 4 AM (CompuTrainer and road time and a strong 6 mile run post) and I executed my 18 miler at the hottest part of the day (~2 PM). Happy to report that I am finding 90 degree temps to be very tolerable and enjoyable. Hoping for 100 degree days very soon. My lawn on the other hand is hating the heat.

One of my key strategies for IML is to execute my runs as I will on race day. This is being done by not carrying any calories (I will be carrying Anti-Fatigue caps via the SaltStick), but using aid stations at each mile. This scenario has worked well for me and I intend to stick w/ it. For today I dialed in on a 1.5 mile loop on the relatively flat Highland Creek Pkwy (HCP). Per the video clip below you can see some additional details. (IMPORTANT NOTE: the socks did NOT cause any bleeding, the shoes are so new that the red dye ran into the new socks...thus the 'red' big toe).

My primary goal for these long runs is to create the fatigue (mental and physical) that I know sets in on the IM run leg. This is being made possible by holding a slightly faster pace then my marathon pace and by increasing the pace in the closing miles. The discomfort and fatigue is high, but that is the norm at IM. You can't hide from the heat nor can you hide from the pain.

Data is are the hard numbers:
18.01 miles, 6:52 ave pace, 163 ave HR, and close to 6:45 ave pace in last 6 miles
  • Pre and post this run I executed a HCP spin to prep the legs.
  • As noted in the video the Injngi socks ( seemed to work well in terms of preventing blisters. Felt like I was wearing flip flops for the first mile or so.
  • The Anti-Fatgiue caps were ingested at a rate of 2 per hour.
  • Wearing everything that I intend to wear at IML; Under Armor Heat Wear long sleeve (strongly considering the CRAFT Heat Apperal worn by the "Viking"), Nike Lunar Trainer, 2XU Elite Suit, visor, Injingi socks, etc.
  • Stopped each mile at the "Aid Station" for water or Gatorade Endurance; 20 to 30 sec.
Despite the bone bruise flairing up again (per my falling onto my bike the day before FL 70.3 in May) this run was very successful. Was concerned that this run would have to be saved for a later date. Praised God throughout for the opportunity and privilege to move.

Shout out to Karen W. Great seeing you today and thanks for following me during this "10 Hr Project"!

Have an outstanding Sunday everyone...


  1. "You can't hide from the heat nor can you hide from the pain" - Coach LL. Made that my quote-of-the-day on twitter/facebook. Love it!

  2. So glad you liked that bro...that is the focus my brother...LL