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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Saturation #2 and plans

Day 52 - July 15, 2009 - Week 7
I am still absorbing the solid work done w/ Jade, Gary, and SonniD from Monday (if you haven't checked out the videos take a look at the last posting). I love the 'shock' factor that comes with the ME workouts. No muscle can hide and the mind is forced to 'tap out' or stay in the game.

With that being said I am 'adjusting my sights' on the second saturation phase of training.
The plan is to execute 112 miles in 48 hrs all on the CT (CompuTrainer) and the Interactive Real Course Videos of IML. This will be the second time I have attempted this. Being armed w/ my most recent LBP data I will venture out onto Disc 1 Thursday (July 16) AM (miles 0-61) and see how the HR and wattage numbers mesh. In other words, w/ an LBP of 230 watts and 165 bpm where can I hang and still have legs to run with? I am planning on sticking to a 220 watts and a 145 to 155 bpm intensity, but I am wide open to modify this per my findings.

For Friday (July 17) I intend to hit Disc 2 (miles 61-112) and see how the legs respond per the effort on Thursday. On this day I hope to hit the run for approximately 20 min.

For Saturday (July 18) I am considering doing another Functional Threshold Power (July 12 posting) workout (1 x 20 min) before embarking on an 18 miler. The purpose here is to further test/fatigue the legs and then see what my legs can do for 2 hrs on the road. I am strongly considering making the 1.5 mile loop a true 1 mile loop to make the training more race specific and mentally challenging.

This is a quick preview of my plans, but trust and lean on...
Proverbs 16:9
...In his heart a man plans his course, but the LORD determines his steps.

Have an outstanding day everyone!

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