Can you complete/compete at the 140.6 distance w/ only 10 hrs of training per week?

Thursday, December 9, 2010

How 'it' all started

I can still remember the moment and store where my Ironman journey began. Back in the early 90s I found myself in the Jefferson Valley Mall (Yorktown Heights, NY) at Olympia Sports. Can't believe it, but the store is still there!

For some reason I was looking through the running apparel section and came upon a logo and a sticker that caught my eye. Below is the actual sticker that came with a pair of running shorts:

The challenge was presented to me that day as I read the back of that sticker. At that moment I was captivated by the fact that people actually did this. It was hard to imagine, but I was game and the hook was set in the roof of my mouth.

For laughs, take a look at the picture below of the shorts and the serious game face prior to the Triangle Triathlon. Back then I represented with a GT Strike Road Bike (an actual upgrade from my Mongoose Rockadile MTB) with clip on aerobars. Also take note of the video camera that is almost as big as my oversized transition bag. Evidently, I was prepared to go on vacation post Triangle.

I hope today that you too are captivated by the IM challenge. I am here to say that the challenge and the joy of embracing this event only gets better as you 'taste it' more and more.

May the 'hook' find the roof of your mouth too.

Train smart, think big...
Coach L

Monday, December 6, 2010

2011 Season

I am happy to report that 'Team Leo' is poised to take on Ironman Lousiville in 2011! Anne and I plan on approaching IML with the "IM in 10" methods with the intention to race it this time around. As some may recall, IML 2009 was taken on with three meniscal tears (one in my left and two in my right knee). A high school baseball injury and a bone head face plant on my bike promoted these tears. They have since been cleared up.

We are both amped to take on this race again and are already preparing for August 2011. In the next few weeks I will begin to 'journal' the balancing act of training/competing at the IM distance with a 'full house'. Luke will be working toward 5 years and little "Gracie Racie" (Grace Kells Leo) will be a month past a year on game day (IML 2011). Maintaining balance at the home front is one big positive that comes with training less then 10 hrs per week for an IM. The other added bonus to this training method is being able to compete and not just complete. For 2011 I look forward to toeing the line with full intentions to compete and qualify for Kona.

In this upcoming season I will be including more specifics regarding the workouts used from week to week. I also plan on shedding some light on several of my athletes who have chosen to use this method for the 2011 season.

I look forward to sharing my journey!

Coach Lance