Can you complete/compete at the 140.6 distance w/ only 10 hrs of training per week?

Friday, May 29, 2009

"Back in the Game"

Day 4 to 5 - May 29, 2009
Advil, ice, and rest for the last 48 hrs has been the focal point. Happy to report that this bone bruise appears to be almost completely healed. Grateful indeed.

Tested the leg today via a 45 min bake fest on the trainer in the sun (refer to video clips below). Opted to test out the Under Armor 30+ SPF top, which will replace the sunblock that will do no good under racing conditions. Lesson learned in Kona 2007 was that the stuff they used needed 30 min to 'dry'. Who in the world is going to sit in the T1 or T2 tent to let this stuff dry?

Post 35 min warm up I exposed my legs to 300 to 500 watt efforts for 1 min w/ 1 min recovery for 10 min. Then hit the Treadmill for 5 min. Legs were certainly lethargic, but I believe they will be more responsive in the next day or two. Things look good for a go on the CompuTrainer tomorrow.

For those who are interested I did some small vid clips of Anne and I doing some training. In the days and weeks ahead I will use this medium for demonstrating exercises, etc.

Hope you all have an outstanding weekend!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

On Standby

Day 3 - May 27, 2009
Well...this bone bruise has not gone as I would have liked. Hobbling around stiff legged is not conducive to sound training. Have opted to ice, Advil it, and rest. Hoping to get off the pine by this weekend, but not setting stringent time parameters.

Easy to get bent out of shape, but as noted previously I know His plans/ways are always superior to mine.

Psalm 121:1-8 sums it up well.

Hope you are all well and enjoying your fitness today! Coach L

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Trusting Him

Day 2 - May 26, 2009
No training today. The focus was to get to the bottom line of what was going on with my bum right leg. Happy to report that it is a deep bone bruise and will respond well to some ice and compression.

Also had some ART done to some adhesions in my left shoulder (posterior) that had become problematic.

I have a non-conventional outlook on injuries/setbacks. I try to embrace them as the Lords way of doing one of two things:

(1) Drawing attention to a weak link in my kinetic chain that needs attention; corrective exercises required


(2) Creating an opportunity to fill that window of time that I would otherwise be training to draw close to Him for strength, wisdom, and fellowship.

In this day I was reminded of a great truth noted below:

Proverbs 16:9

In his heart a man plans his course, but the LORD determines his steps.

My hope is to jump on the CT (CompuTrainer) and have some data files to share with you for tomorrow. Interactive Real Course Video will be utilized and disk 1 will be 'studied' once again.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Training Commences

First Day - May 25, 2009
As noted in my last post this marks the beginning of the "10 hour project". The goal was to ride long Monday/Tuesday, but life is unpredictable and I sustained a very strange injury this weekend. My ICU wife could hardly look at it in fact. Bottom line, a marble sized contusion appeared on the medial side of my knee post the Saturday workout. Two possible causes: my awesome biff in the parking lot the day before FL 70.3 on my Trek or my knee nailing the top tube this Saturday while riding.

All this being said, riding and running is on the back burner for now. Hoping to be back on the horse by the end of the week.

Training Focus: 3000 meter time trial to assess water fitness/efficiency.

Data: 43:05 TET...this breaks down to a 1:26/100 m or 1:19/100 yd pace equivalent.

Notes: Form was sloppy and this was the first 'long' swim since...hum...Kona I believe. Stroke count fell within the 17 to 20/25 yds, thus the tag of sloppy above.

I will be executing this TT once a month leading up to IML as a means of assessing fitness and efficiency gains in the water. This will be the longest continuous swim I will use for IML.

It is relevant to note that I will also be employing a Lactate Balance Point (LBP) test monthly on the bike to verify my metabolic efficiency and ability to utilize lactate. Coupling the findings from the LBP and Critical Power (CP) test I will be able to strategize best for attacking IML. If the leg feels like 100% I may execute this test this week.

Day 1 complete....and approximately 9:15 hours left to 'spend'.

Happy Memorial Day! Thank you to all who have served and fought for my freedom!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Game Plan

Before I break things down I wanted to make sure I was clear on some points:

(1) This approach to training will require an athlete to have had some training behind them before jumping into this. I predict a first year triathlete with little to no aerobic base will find this approach to IM prep very challenging and potentially harmful. So, please avoid trying this without consulting with an experienced triathlon coach who has 'been in the foxhole' before.

(2) This approach will call on energy systems (high end aerobic threshold/lactate threshold) that most long course athletes do not stimulate/stress as much as I will.

  • The emphasis on the bike, for example, will be at approximately 75-80% (range will vary) of my CP (Critical Power) 20 Threshold Test. My primary objective in this IM prep is to work at or just above my LT (Lactate Threshold) and build my ability to assimilate lactate efficiently, but avoid over extending beyond the "point of no return".
  • The emphasis on the run will be similar to the bike. I will be utilizing the VDOT pacing approach to dial in on Marathon (M) and Threshold (T) pacing. Track work, long tempo runs, and transition runs off the bike will be the foundation of this leg.
  • I come from the mindset that swimming should not take up a major % of your weekly training time for IM (if this is a strength for you). I will spend no more then 45 min in the water...2 times per week. However, when I am in the water I will be dialing on efficiency, Critical Swim Speed (CSS) efforts, Super Speed (SS) efforts, and moderate to long sets composing of 200 to 500s.
  • I will also be focusing on a Corrective Exercise (CE) approach to strength training to eliminate the weak links that are present in my kinetic chain; hips, glutes, etc. Plyometric and one legged isolation exercises will be the major emphasis.

(3) Below you will find the 3 week plan that I have created as a framework for accomplishing point number 2 above. Per the objectives of this 2009 season I will have to tweak with this skeleton plan so as to keep things sharp for upcoming NCTS events.

Week 1: Primary objective is to emphasize the bike and complete the 112 mile Louisville (CompuTrainer Interactive Real Course Video) course in 48 hrs. This week will have a heavier emphasis on the bike leg then the run.

Week 2: Primary objective is to shift towards the run by incorporating an Endurance and Tempo Run. For both weeks 1 and 2 the swim will be a compliment to the training and not require much energy or time.

Week 3: Primary objective is to allow some recharge and recovery, but still focus on threshold efforts of shorter duration.

Per FL 70.3 (May 17) I will not commence this training until May 25. This gives me a total of 14 weeks of training. I predict that it will take 1 to 2 weeks before I can complete the high end volumes on the plan seen in this post.

Along the way I will be posting wattage data, run and swim pacing, total time spent training per week, and whatever else is desired by those reading this blog (let me know).

I have calculated the high end volume within weeks 1 and 2 noted above and they meet the criteria of no more then 10 hrs of training.

The scripture that spoke to me today was:
Psalm 37: 23
If the Lord delights in a man's way, he makes his steps firm; though he stumble, he will not fall, for the Lord upholds him with his hand.

I know I will stumble/face adversity through the process, but I trust fully in the Lord who will pick me up along the way. What an amazing truth to hold fast to. I also know that He is in control and I am at complete peace with the outcome of this journey. Praise His name!