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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

TEAM Tri 2012 - Life Time Fitness

I am super excited to announce that I will be driving the first TEAM Tri program at Life Time Fitness (LTF) -  St Louis Park. For some of you this is old news while for some this is brand new intel. In the past LTF has attempted to launch similiar programs, but ongoing traction was not maintained for the long haul. I am poised and determined to make this program not only top notch, but one that will grow from one season to the next. Below is a quick overview of what this specific TEAM program will offer to participants:
  • Three workouts per week with seasoned multisport coach
    • Tuesday - 530 to 630 AM - Swim workout
    • Thursday - 530 to 630 AM - Bike/Run or 'wildcard' workout
    • Saturday - 800 to 900 AM - Bike or Run 
  • FREE TrainingPeaks (TP) account 
  • 3 FREE Spinerval DVDs for those who register by December 1, 2012
  • Additional specifics
    • WHO: 1st time triathletes looking for a sound periodized training plan
    • WHAT: Year round training with a group of like minded athletes that targets specific events
    • WHY: build comradarie, accountability, need a goal to work toward, etc. 
    • WHERE: Life Time Fitness - St. Louis Park
      • As weather permits we will be venturing outdoors to swim, bike, and run
      • Open water swims at Cedar Lake
      • Race simulation workouts at race sites noted above
    • COST: $175/month on EFT 
Please connect with me personally at with any questions regarding this program. If you would like to get to know me please take a moment to read the following article written several months ago:

I look forward to working with 15 select athletes in 2012/2013! Contact me asap to get your spot!

Train smart, think big!
Coach L