Can you complete/compete at the 140.6 distance w/ only 10 hrs of training per week?

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

"Fired Up" and Week 4 Totals

Day 37 - June 30, 2009 - Week 5
Comrades, Coach L is 'all fired' up. It has been a few days since I have checked in so here is a quick throw down...

Saturday - June 27, 2009
Executed one of my absolute favorite workouts. I can't take credit for creating this beast, but here it is (pulled it from the Saris site):

...the plan is to build up to doing 3-4 x 20 min 80-90% Threshold Power efforts pre-IML...

Monday - June 29, 2009
IML Strategy: to absorb all 112 miles of the IML bike course in 48 hrs. Some may wonder why not do all 112 in one 'go'. My mindset here is that I want to execute these miles with great vigor and strength and really learn from the course. If I were to go for 5 hrs straight on this thing I believe these miles would become 'junk miles'.

For those who have not taken on an Interactive Real Course Video I would strongly recommend it for those who do not have gobs of spare time to play with. If you are targeting an IM and want to truly KNOW the course prior to race day this is a must in my opinion. Throw the $1200 to $1600 for this gadget. These videos simply rock and (in my opinion) can crush you mentally and physically. Thus, the heavy emphasis on these in this "10 Hr Project".

I am elated to report that I was able to take on disc 1 and throw the following numbers:
61 miles, 3:02:15, ave RPM 96, ave Watts 230, ave MPH 20.1

...wore my IML attire; CRAFT Long Sleeve, Zoot Compression socks, 2XU Elite Suit, Rudy Aero Helmet...

Relevant note: w/ the heater and dehumidifier running simultaneously (fan on as well in front of Trek)I was able to take the temp from 82.4 to 94.6 in 3 hrs; thus the "Fired Up" reference in the title above...

Tuesday - June 30, 2009
Day 2 of the 112 'saturation'. Kept the press on force as close to Day 1 and tried to create similar conditions in the "Performance Lab"; 74.2 to 87.8.

Per conversations w/ Jim R (good friend and fellow triathlete) he has mentioned that the back end of the IML course is faster. Well, the numbers today support this:
51 miles, 2:20.43, ave RPM 93, ave Watts 255, ave MPH 21.8

I can't help but start strategizing from these numbers. Simple math tells me that this equates to a 5:20+/- for 112. We all know there are so many variables that can impact performance, but I would like to come of the bike as close to 5 hrs at IML (2008 qualifiers threw down a low of 4:59 to a high of 5:41). As noted in a previous does not want to roast the legs for the run by over committing on the bike leg. So, I will continue to evaluate my additional "112 saturation days" against how my legs run immediately off the bike and in my Endurance Runs set for 24 hrs post this 48 hr block.

A stellar morning was had today and I am continuing to see the fruit of this "10 HR Project". Eager to be tested on game day in August.

I plan on doing a Dynamic/Corrective exercise session at mid-day out in front of Nomad (in the sun) if anyone would like to join me. 20 to 30 min of non-stop strength work focusing on 1 leg strength. Weighted vest, dumbbells, and some discomfort will be part of this party.

...less bike and a bit more running created the lower total volume seen to the left...

Friday, June 26, 2009

Practice, practice, practice and 'Ice Ice Baby'

Day 33 - June 25, 2009 - Week 4
This morning was simply outstanding. The goal was to create a scenario that would mimic the aid stations at IML. I placed 32 oz of Gatorade Endurance, one 24 oz bottle half frozen, and a SaltStick ( w/ 3 Anti-Fatigue caps in my mailbox.

It is amazing how resistant my mind was to running one 1.34 m loop 14 times.

At first it was tough, but I was eventually able to find a groove. All kidding aside I think this approach can really help an IM athlete. As noted above and in a previous post, I see walking through aid stations to be incredibly valuable. This approach brings the HR down, which allows the fluids and such that enter the stomach to actually get into the bloodstream (blood is more likely to be routed to the gut then hang in the periphery). Some argue/state, "...but once I stop I will never get going again...". If you train yourself to walk at a steady pace and stay focused at the matter at hand this will not be the case. I actually find this to be a great strategy and I always come out of these very brief 'refueling breaks' much stronger and ready to push as needed.

Case in point: per this approach I had one of my strongest runs to date. Could it be the Zoot compression socks? Could it be the the Nike Lunar Trainers? Or could it be the combination of these AND the fact that I was able to take in 1 to 2 mouthfuls of COLD fuel every mile? There is something to be said about not having anything around your waste bouncing around. These is also something to be said about having COLD fuel going into your gut when the body is burning up and needing external kcals.

Supporting data:
15 miles, ave pace of 6:53, and ave HR of 148
...a KEY element of IML prep will be to close each LONG RUN w/ a descending approach (when the body wants to stop I want to go harder and faster and make it deal w/ fatigue)...
...mile 12: 6:49, mile 13: 6:43, mile 14: 6:38 , mile 15: 6:29...


Pre-Post Strength
Not sure if I have shared this before so here we go. I always try to employ a 5 to 15 warm up on the rollers w/ the PowerCrank bike or my Trek. This is then followed up immediately w/ mini-band lateral steps (12-20 reps, L and then R), mini-band hip ups (10-12), foam pad cone touches (12), and then foam pad 'running man' (10-12, L and then R). This done pre and post really gets the glutes and hips firing and sets the stage for a great run. Takes only 5 min.


Ice Ice Baby? I totally was into that song...not afraid to admit it. Vanilla Ice was the man back in the early 90s. This leads me into my last thought of the day. I have realized that I have only (in the past) iced when I had an acute incident that required the RICE method. Recently, I have adopted icing my knees almost every day w/ a Polar Care 500 Cold Therapy ( unit (acquired per Anne's micro fracture surgery years ago...another blog...and an amazing God story). I have found that this has really helped me with recovery especially in the knee region and the ITB attachment sites. Food for thought.

Have an outstanding day!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

More Power and IML Goals

Day 32 - June 25, 2009 - Week 4
Deep down I was not content w/ the CP 20 I took on last weekend so I ventured outside the garage to the great outdoors. Its hard to beat the fresh air, the sound of birds singing, and the lush green grass. In the same breath, I have grown accustomed to the smell of gasoline and other common odors found in the garage.

So, off to the old Highland Creek Parkway (HCP) I went. This 7.1 mile loop includes plenty of rollers and very few flats to open up on, but I have grown accustomed to this as well. Today I pushed out a norm power of 340 (333 average) and covered 8.35 miles within this 20 min test. Those numbers were more to my liking.

Leading up to IML I will be constantly evaluating CP 20 data and cross referencing against how the legs respond per my rides on the CT Interactive Real Course Video (IRCV). I feel very confident that this will set me up well for the run if I avoid exceeding my upper end wattage limit throughout the 112. It is relevant to note that I will also be very cognizant of the HR response per conditions. In other words, the wattage numbers will not completely 'rule the day' in August. For me to ignore HR responses per changing conditions would prove detrimental to overall performance.

Per the title of this posting I have something to share. If the Lord allows intention is to earn a spot for Kona via this training method/approach of '10 hrs only'. I know this is a gutsy thing to say, but I want the challenge and trust in a very BIG God who is more then capable of allowing this to be. So, there you have it folks. My goal is to leave it all out there in Louisville and to trust/lean on the One who has and continues to sustain me. It is also very relevant to note that if it is His will that I finish this race in 15 hrs then I am at complete peace w/ that outcome as well. God can't be squeezed into a bottle like a genie nor does He operate like a 'drive through window' at Wendy's; "...Lord, I'd like a chocolate frosty, a large side of fries, and...oh...a Kona slot please...". Below are some relevant pieces of scripture:

Proverbs 16:9 (New International Version)

9 In his heart a man plans his course,
but the LORD determines his steps.

Proverbs 19:21 (New International Version)

21 Many are the plans in a man's heart,
but it is the LORD's purpose that prevails.

For those wanting to know 'my story' or 'turning point moment'...and why 'luck' and 'chance' are not part of my game check this link out:

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Embracing the Heat

Day 31 - June 24, 2009 - Week 4
At a place where I am already beginning to enjoy/welcome/desire the heat. Won't share what I have begun to do as I drive home for fear that some may consider me bent/borderline insane. Lets just say I have no problem w/ ignoring the AC options available in my car. Is it cold outside?

Okay, its been a few days since I have thrown an update your way.

In the last 48 hrs I have taken on the following:

- 2 x 10 (1.5 miles) min tempo efforts at 6:00 to 6:30 pace at mid-day (6.65 m run)
- strength post in the sun w/ weighted vest; added stair work (~8 flights)

Quick Brick Combo
- 10 min PowerCranks (1 min 80 RPMs/ 1 min 100 RPMs) on rollers x 3 w/ 1.25 mile run x 2
- 8 tethered efforts ranging from 40 to 100 strokes (cardio cap utilized)
- hit a 1:05 post

IML Equipment Updates:
- Adamo saddle appearing to really suit me well 'downstairs'
- Nike Lunar Trainers continue to feel outstanding (they stress these are for 'efficient' runners only)
- Under Armor 30+ SPF long sleeve shirt is working very well

Planning on hitting 15 miles this week per the focus being shifted to the run in this build phase. Intending to create a scenario where I can 'hit a water stop' w/ ice cold water and Gatorade Endurance (GE) every mile. Really wanting to hit IML conditioned for the heat and per what they will have on the run course. I am not a huge fan of carrying much of anything on me on the run and have found that GE has always worked for me at IM.

The only dilemma I am facing at this point is the desire to train more then 10 hrs/wk, but for obvious reasons I am resisting the temptation to deviate. I want to test this 'project' and be able to encourage others that this event can be tackled using a minimalist approach.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Hills, New Kicks, and Week 3 Totals

Day 29 - June 20, 2009 - Week 4
Momentum is continuing to build towards August and everything is feeling strong. I am following the 'skeleton' calendar I created back on the May 6, which I called "The Game Plan". Today called for hill work followed by a 20 to 40 min run. Having ridden the IML course about 5 times at this point I have been determined that the longest hill out there will take about 3 min to ascend. Thus, the 3 to 4 min climbs pictured below. I plan on building these hills for the next 4-6 weeks (in duration to 5 to 10 min). I used the ergo mode on the CT to simulate hills (my 3D software on the CT is acting up - again!). To further increase the stress I placed the heater about an arms length from my face, had the dehumidifier rolling (creates more heat then the heater I think), and opted for no fan today. Alternated between "in the saddle climbs" w/ "out of the saddle" climbs for the hour.

My dear wife totally hooked me up / spoiled me for Father's Day (I am so not worthy) and bought me the Lunar Trainer (pictured below). I have been eying these for months and simply could not throw the coin for em' (thanks to MK and Run For Your I have only logged about 8 miles on em', but I think I have found my new race/training shoe. Weighin' in at only
9.1 ounces (men's size 9) you feel like you are wearing a glove on your foot. Folks, I am really stoked about this shoe. You feel like you are running bare foot, but yet have just the right amount of cushioning. I think I found my IML racing shoe.

Durable feather-weight cushioning—specially developed by NASA—provides instant comfort and a responsive ride in a breathable mesh running shoe designed for underpronators to mild overpronators.

Yep, I went over by 3 bad. I will keep a closer eye on this. For those interested I am in the second week of my 6th build week and will be entering a LOAD week next week. Looking forward to this next step.

Congrats to Chris N and Chris B in taking on Ford Ironman Coeur d’Alene yesterday, Matus K for taking the "W" at Bath, Mark M for earning a "2 spot" in his AG, and Chris O for claiming 3rd at Tri the Midlands. (will be doing 'shout outs' to my peeps who are rockin' and rollin' in the race scene going forward)

Last relevant note: Anne is a PHENOMENAL cook (all caps). Seriously, she is a "5 Star" cook. I am so blessed. If you all have ever eaten a Cold Stone ice cream cake you know where I am headed here. Pictured below is her 'creation'. Wanted to capture all its contents on tape, but she simply was not down w/ divulging. I'll try: 2-3 pints of Ben and Jerry's, home made cookie crumble, home made fudge cake (for layering), and tons of love. Bite for bite Annie has Cold Stone kicked/licked!The Leo's dig/do desert.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Critical Power and Walking

Day 27 - June 20, 2009 - Week 3
What an outstanding day. Waited til mid day to get the hottest conditions possible. Believe it or not I had the dehumidifier and heater going with the garage door closed. Peak temp achieved was 92 degrees.

I only had 1 hr and 20 min left in my 10 hr week and I was determined to make the most of it:

Critical Power (CP 20) Test (20 min)
- approached this test w/ a bent mindset; create oppressive conditions and see what the legs could throw
- worked from 270 to 310 watts on the CompuTrainer Ergo mode (warm up not captured in graph below) w/ the PowerTap on board

Threshold Run on Treadmill

5 x 400 w/ 30 sec recovery
...descending speed from 9.1 to 10.1...
400 splits: 1:30, 1:37, 1:34, 1:31, 1:27

Lower Body Intensive Strength Session
30 walking lunges w/ 10 lb vest and 15 lb dumbbells
12 deep squats w/ 10 lb vest and 15 dumbbells
12 plyo jump w/ 10 lb weighted vest
10 push ups w/ row (1o lb weights)
30 slides on slide board
30 walking lunges w/ 10 lb vest and 20 lb dumbbells
12 deep squats w/ 10 lb vest and 20 lb dumbbells
12 plyo jumps w/ 10 lb weighted vest
10 push ups w/ row (1o lb weights)
30 slides on slide board
...15 min of testing done in the sun...

Key Point:
I can't stress enough how important walking is in IM racing. After the CP20 I went almost immediately into the run on the Tmill. As we all know, we will all go directly to the run post the 112 miles. Here is my point. I attempted to run 'out of T2' too quickly Saturday and my gut and legs simply said 'NO'. The legs were note there and my gut felt queezy per the the throw down on the CP 20. Take home point: by power walking through the aid stations at IM events one can bring the HR down dramatically, which can then allow fluids/calories to enter your blood stream. I power walked for about 10 min to gather my thoughts and ingest a Hammer Gel. It was only after this 'active recovery' that I was then able to execute threshold paced 400s. Please embrace such an approach at IM events. It can turn the event around for you if the body is fighting it likely will.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Heat Training and 'my boys'

Day 26 - June 19, 2009 - Week 3
One key component to this IML prep is to prepare the mind and body for the heat of Louisville. Today marked the first intentional exposure to "IML conditions". At 12:45 PM I ventured off into the Alps...I mean Skybrook. Its crazy how easy it is to get lost in there.

Its funny how the heat creeps up on you. Felt strong and bouncy up to mile 3 and then out of no where things get a bit sketchy. It felt like mile 10 or 13 at IM. The goal for the next 8 weeks will be to expose myself to the worst conditions possible so as to force the body to adapt. Excited to do this and looking forward to seeing how the systems will become more efficient.

TET 40:47
Ave Pace 7:27 / Ave HR 159
Mile 1 - 7:06 / Ave 149
Mile 2 - 7:11 /157
Mile 3 - 7:21 / 160
Mile 4 - 7:45 / 163
Mile 5 - 7:44 / 168
.47 - 170

Relevant note:
Pre-weight - 170
Post-weight - 165

At mile 4 I was starting to feel a bit tested; sweating profusely, etc. Out of no where these four young kids are at the end of their driveway selling books and DVDs. "...nothing over 10 bucks they tell me...". Here is the kicker. As I am running by them in spandex they ask me if I want to buy anything. You have gotta love the minds and hearts of a young kid. Before I could mutter a word one little guy goes off sprinting to his garage to get me a bottled water. What a sweet gift from God. He is always there, He always knows what you need, He is always watching over you, and always willing and ready to pick you up when down or struggling.

I hope you all had an uplifting day!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Breaking Points

Day 25 - June 18, 2009 - Week 3
For those who have taken on an IM before you know how this race tests the mind just as much as the body. Some would state, "...this race is 90% mental and 10% physical...". There is some truth to that and this AM exposed me to that mindset.

I opted to mimic the Run Baseline #1 from June 4, 2009. Tried to keep all the controllable variables in check as I could (temp, wind, nutrition), but one 'variable' was completely out of my control...enter Luke. The 4 AM wake up for me was not early enough and my little guy started bringing the noise as only he could: "...ashes, ashes, ashes and they all fell down...", "...Maaaaaaaaaaa!...", "...Daaaaaaaa!...", w/ the sporadic announcement of the need to pee (he is being potty trained currently)! All of these announcements (via the baby monitor) filled the 'Performance Lab' (garage) very well for Anne and I as we attempted to bust out our scheduled training.

So, our focus was a bit thrown off, but I think these 'distractions' are good and force you to deal w/ non-optimal scenarios.

For those who like data and details here is how today rolled:
- 5 min of rolling the lower extremities
- 10 min on PowerCranks and rollers; 1 min at 65-80 RPMs / 1 min at 95-105 RPMs
- 11.25 miles on the Treadmill w/ the focus on increasing pace per mile by .1 MPH at a consistent 1.5% grade
7:37 min/mile (ave HR 119)...starting at 8.0 MPH
7:24 (137)...8.1
7:23 (132)...8.2
7:12 (138)...8.3
7:08 (148)...8.4
6:57 (153)...8.5
6:57 (156)...8.6
6:54 (163)...8.7
6:57 (158)...8.8
6:47 (168)...8.9
6:45 (173)...9.0 (3 potty breaks threw data and HR response off a bit this AM)
- total elapsed time of 1:20:08, RPE of 7+ (1-10 scale), foot strike goal of 90 per leg per min, EFS Gel Flask used w/ ~16 oz of water, 2 Anti-Fatigue Caps

The fun part was putting 'the icing on the cake' to this workout. Per the title of this post I wanted to test the mind and legs further. I have found that most would rather (can understand fully) call it a day post the long and hard workouts, but in this '10 hr Project' I want/need to make conditions very uncomfortable and oppressive. In other words, I want to test my 'breaking points' often, but not overdo it. A fine balance must be achieved here.

So I went with the following quick and effective lower body strength session:

30 walking lunges w/ 15 lb dumbbells (walking in the center of my street)
12 deep squats w/ 15 dumbbells
12 plyo jump w/ 10 lb weighted vest
30 walking lunges w/ 20 lb dumbbells (yep, up the street w/ the compression socks and all)
12 deep squats w/ 20 lb dumbbells
12 plyo jumps w/ 10 lb weighted vest
9 x 2 one legged squat w/ 10 lb dumbbell row
...10 min of testing...

The goal was to hit 13 miles today on the treadmill, but I opted to tap out and save it for the strength element. Looking forward to working the volume up to 18-20 pre IML.

Shout out to Elmar and Bruce for joining the crew officially! Welcome aboard!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Rest and Pills

Day 24 - June 17, 2009 - Week 3
I am a big fan of rest. True rest that is. No active rest, but full on chill time. Those who have been following this blog from the beginning know that within this training plan I have 2 days of full rest; Wednesday and Sunday. Post the M/T combo of this week I found some 'extra sleep' to really work wonders. A 6:30 AM wake up vs. a 4:15 AM seems like 5 hrs of extra sleep.

Stoked to take on the PowerCrank pre-spin, moderate distance run, and corrective strength tomorrow.

I have been taking in some aids to assist in my training. Once I get the last two items I will do a quick video clip on them all. At the present I am using a 'medicine cabinet' of aids:

Lindberg - Varsity Pack 2
Race Caps Supreme
(Hammer Nutrition)
Super Antioxidant (Hammer Nutrition)
Anti-Fatigue Caps (Hammer Nutrition)
Glucosamine Chondrotin
[8-12 pills total daily intake]

Liquid Endurance (Hammer Nutrition)
AO Booster (Hammer Nutrition)

Will roll tonight for about 10 to 30 minutes w/ some stretching mixed in. Focusing on the ITB, glute, and hip flexor regions.

Side Note: if you have been a loyal 'follower' of this blog please register as an official 'follower'. Would love to know who is dialing in on this ongoing 'project'. Shout out to Paul and Katie M. Thanks for joining in on this guys.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

1 = 2

Day 23 - June 16, 2009 - Week 3
After the 2/3 combo (2 hrs on Mon/ 3 hrs Tue) I can say that this is the closest my legs have been to IM fatigue. In the last 48 hrs my goal was to test the legs on the CT and see how close I could get them to 112 miles. I was able to accumulate 103.75 miles and 5 hrs and 28 min on my Trek. This combo certainly tested me and exposed me to similar IM scenarios; doubt, highs, lows, and some white blotches dancing on the TV screen (seriously). So, mission was accomplished.

With the dehumidifier blowing some mad heat and my space heater representing the temp got pretty close to 90 degrees. Very happy w/ this development.

Oh...what is 1 = 2? I have read that 1 hr on the CT is equivalent to 2 hrs on the road. After the last 48 hrs I would say it is close to 1 = 1.50.

Per the brief video clip associated w/ this post you will see that I added a 10 lb vest to the mix (thanks Mark O for allowing me to have this last year). To increase the overall load on my legs in a very small window of time I exposed my legs to 1 - 2 min at 10% and 4 MPH (walking). Then at 1.5% ran for 1 min at a very conservative running pace. Post this 2 to 3 min loading I chucked the vest and 'ran like Luke' at faster then IM race pace (I love watching my little guy run around). Did this only in the last 15 min of 30. I wanted to spice things up and this did just that.
CAUTION: would not recommend this approach to everyone.

Have used up 6:30 hrs already in this week.

Side note: Thanks a ton to my Annie for 'holding off' Luke this AM. He would have been in there busting out lunges, some 1.0 MPH treadmill work, plyo jumps, and been putting playdoo in the fan for sure if you had not occupied him. Luke likes to say, " working Dada?...". I love you Annie.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Narrowing the Focus on IML

Day 22 - June 15, 2009 - Week 3
Another fine day in the garage. Put the heater in place and was disappointed in its peak output; 82 degrees. Will need to purchase another one with more 'umph' to it. Realizing I can't wait for the garage to become a furnace (July-August) I will create one.

Solid ride on the CT this AM. From past (January 2009) power testing my Critical Power was 330 watts (20 min all out). Thus, my Functional Threshold Power equates to 313.5 watts (5% from 330 watts). Where am I going with this?

Well, per the time on the CT and the IML 'course' I am beginning to strategize on a wattage range that will set me up for a good run. At the present time I have not come off the bike and run 'long' (1:00 to 1:30 / up to 13 miles) to see how the bike leg impacted performance (that will come). A wattage range of 215 to 235 is where I am setting my sights currently. Time will tell if this is too conservative or too aggressive. The good news is that I have about 60 days to feel this out.

Another "posi" (positive note) is that at my current Lactate Balance Point (LBP); 155 bpm my gut is absorbing/clearing what I put into it. Today I played at the LBP and above it just to see what my gut would 'say'.

Looking forward to testing my Critical Power this week and seeing if the numbers have changed since January. Oh, and giving ME another shot. This time I will only be hitting about 10 min vs. 20.

Week 2 totals:

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Latta Weekend

Day 21 - June 14, 2009 - Week 2
Just wanted to give a quick shout out to everyone and congratulate them on a great race! It was great being able to see many of you Saturday. For those who took on the Sunday event I hope your experience was awesome.

Too many people to give props to, but it was great having some 'hang time with each of you'. I apologize if I was I was a bit scattered brained; my 'radar' was on for my Annie to break tape.

I certainly hope you have all taken something from the event. Mediocrity is not an option and 'learning while doing' is the way I like to approach each race. If anyone is interested I would be more then willing to divulge what I learned from Saturday (don't want to assume you want to hear my analysis ;) ).

Have a great Sunday and I look forward to getting back 'at it' come Monday AM bright and early.

My CompuTrainer (w/new Adamo Race saddle) and my 'battleship' are set and ready to rock and roll.

May bring out the space heater if the starting temp in the garage is not to my liking. I am in need of some low to mid 90s.

Friday, June 12, 2009

High Return on Investment

Day 19 - June 12, 2009 - Week 2
In a previous post I mentioned tethered swimming. Per my AM convo w/ the Bruce "Chrome Dome" Richter I have been prompted to include some video of this today.

If you are finding it hard to do open water swimming or if you feel as if you have a poor feel for engaging the water out in front...this is for you. Nothing beats some good old continuous swimming.

Nice to have someone finally video me. Can certainly see some weak links in the stroke. Thanks to Huey B for taping me!

Hope to see some of you at Latta tomorrow!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Hanging w/ Scott C in the garage

Day 18 - June 10, 2009 - Week 2
This week has been ultra low in volume; 1 hr and 49 min thus far. Trying to bring my legs back from the 'beating' they took this Monday. Week 3 will bring back the volume and threshold intensity. I will also be adding ME strength work to the mix and executing a Critical Power test mid-late week. This will allow me to see the effect of ME on my ability to generate more power pre-IML.

Today was shared w/ my man Scott Campbell. He recently took on FL 70.3 and rocked it big. Very proud of him. He will be taking on Latta this weekend and I believe he will have an outstanding race. The clip below is him doing a Quick Brick Intensive in my garage. I love his enthusiasm and willingness to live out 'racing specificity' by donning the 'retro helmet' as he called it; circa 1990s. You the man bro!

Side note:
(1) In the next few days/weeks I will be laying out what I have and will be taking regarding supplements/multi-vitamins/recovery aids, etc. I am doing everything I can to promote recovery amongst the heavier weeks of training that lie ahead. Many thanks to my good friend Cody Angell at TrySports ( for assisting me w/ this aspect of things. You can't find a cooler cat/guy. Phenomenal runner w/ mad skills. Representing at Du Wordls in 2009 (in his first attempt)!

Enjoy the day troops...

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

"Latta Taper" and Source of Strength

Day 17 - June 10, 2009 - Week 2
As you all is ideal to have a solid taper leading into an event. In hindsight this cat should have opted out of the ME workout Monday, but the temptation was simply too great to pass up. Jade, Gary, and my man SonniD were in the house. That equates to a party for me. So, the hope is the body will absorb this workout and by Saturday I'll be ready for battle.

Thought I would address a very common question asked of me as a coach..., "What do you do when the going gets tough when racing?".

I pray to THE "PowerBar" (I don't use PowerBar) that is always available when the going gets tough. Christ alone is my strength and my ongoing provider. When the pain/discomfort is simply unbearable I do my best to focus in on Christ as he hung on the cross. That is pain and suffering. It amazes me that He did that for me and for ALL mankind. Blows me away.

For those who have never seen this clip done by Ryan Hall (Olympic marathoner/stud/Christian)...I believe it is a must see. Its heavy and it always hits me in the center of the chest:
(thanks to Kelly Fillnow for sending this to me)

I am big fan of drawing close to Christ and my family. This AM was complete rest w/ time in the Word and "God Built" by Steve Farrar (I love this guy...shoots straight and from the hip). Below is a fun clip taken with my little guy Luke this morning. I was in need of some R & R and he came through big time.

A big welcome to the "Ironmanin10" beautiful wife Anne (pictured below in "Central Command 2" at home)....I love you babe!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Metabolic Effect and Studio7

Day 16 - June 9, 2009 - Week 2
Yesterday Sonni and I had the privilege to hang with Jade Teta and his good friend Gary at NOMAD. For 4 hours we absorbed his research on this fresh and very stimulating approach to strength training. If you have not yet seen this approach/method in action take a look at this clip of my man Ken Bush: (Part 1: 10 min) (Part 2: 10 min)

Sonni and I worked through a similar workout yesterday w/ Jade and enjoyed it thoroughly. We are planning to put together a swim, bike, run, and combo DVD w/ Metabolic Effect (ME) in the near future. Can't wait to make this happen.

The exciting thing about this approach to training is that one can theoretically take a 2 hr workout (of cycling for example) and replace it w/ a ~45 min session that carries with it strength and lactate threshold specific intensity. Can you see why this excites me? It fits perfectly with those who are unable to devote 20 hrs of training per week.

IMPORTANT NOTE: I plan on modifying the current training plan to have 2 ME workouts within the week. I will also be doing a Power Test on the bike post Latta so we can see the effect of ME on my 20 min power (re-test 8-12 weeks later). Stoked to see the impact.

I promise there will be more on this topic on this blog in the future.

Not sure how this will work in my favor in the very short term; Latta this Saturday.

Opted to spin for about 20 min on the rollers to flush the legs.

Shout out to Jason who just joined the blog yesterday. Thinking this may be my man Jason B...

Have an outstanding day everyone...

Monday, June 8, 2009

100 yards in 32 min and 10 seconds...haaa?

Day 15 - June 8, 2009 - Week 2
How in the world does some one swim 100 yds in 32 min? For 30 minutes today I went absolutely no where in the water, but had a killer workout. Say what!? Solve the puzzle here folks?

Swam in place today w/ the same harness around my waste from the previous post and a resistance cord attached to the starting block. One of the best workouts in the water in months.

1:00 to 2:15 work intervals w/ a recovery interval of 30 to 60 seconds.
...worked through the following scenarios per work interval (executed ~14)...
(A) No aid
(B) Finis Freestyle Snorkel w/ no 'Cardio Cap'
(C) Finis Freestyle Snorkel w/ 'Cardio Cap'
(D) Paddles
(E) Paddles and Fins
(F) Fins and kicking on your side
...counted out 70 strokes per interval...
...executed some surges against resistance...
(G) No restraint...finished the workout with a 1:08 100

I highly recommend this for a 'time crunched' athlete and for those seeking to enhance their power/sensory elements in the water. This approach to training will heavily emphasize the front end of your stroke and reinforce the need to have a HVE (High Vertical Elbow) and efficient kick.

Side Note...last weeks totals:

Friday, June 5, 2009

2 Buckets

Day 12 - June 5, 2009
When time is limited one must make the most of what they have. Today I opted to throw two 1 gallon buckets around my waist and take on some 200s (check out video clip). The goal was to load the muscles and lungs in a very limited window of time. Mission accomplished.

6 x 200 w/ :30 sr
1 and 4 - w/ buckets
2 and 5 - 100 w/ buckets / 100 no buckets
3 and 6 - no buckets
6 x 25 w/ :20 sr

Splits taken per 100
1st 200 1:40/1:37
2nd 200 1:38/1:13
3rd 200 1:12/1:14

4th 200 4:04 (forgot to take 1st 100 split)
5th 200 2:03/1:13
6th 200 1:13/1:15

16.4, 16.3, 16.2, 15.8, 16.1, 15.3

TET 30:36

Great swim...loads of fun...found myself laughing at myself as I struggled with the flip turns and ropes wrapping around my legs, buckets pinging my head, and leaky goggles.

Have a blessed day everyone!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Run Baseline #1

Day 11 - June 4, 2009
Dialed in on some solid indoor running to see how the HR responded to 78 temps (mild temp). Will be introducing a heater to the mix and take temps up to the high 80s to low 90s to mimic IML conditions. I plan on repeating this run to see how the HR responds under more stressful conditions as noted above. Placed the fan in front of the treadmill on the floor.

For those who like data and details here is how today rolled:
- 5 min of rolling the lower extremities
- 20 min on PowerCranks and rollers; 1 min at 65-80 RPMs / 1 min at 95-105 RPMs
- 10 miles on the Treadmill w/ the focus on increasing pace per mile (1.5% grade)
7:41 min/mile (ave HR 126)...starting at 8.0 MPH
7:24 (136)...8.1
7:16 (138)...8.2
7:13 (140)...8.3
7:08 (143)...8.4
7:04 (142)...8.5
6:58 (149)...8.6
6:53 (151)...8.7
6:49 (154)...8.8
6:45 (157)...8.9
- total elapsed time of 1:11:16, RPE of 6 (1-10 scale), foot strike goal of 90 per leg per min, Carbo Pro used; ~12 oz.
- 10 min of strength; emphasizing lower body strength uni-laterally (see video clip for abbreviated version)

6 hrs and 36 min and counting per this week

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Swim Baseline #2

Day 10 - June 3, 2009
I am a big fan of the Tempo Trainer (TT) by Finis. I believe one must slow their stroke down (initially) in order to maximize their catch and engagement of the water. By using the TT you can set a specific tempo that will dictate the frequency of each stroke. Far too often I find myself increasing my arm turnover to achieve a higher speed, but my technique quickly fades/deteriorates.

With the TT on board (placed behind my head and under the swim cap) I am forced to glide evenly between each stroke, kick consistently, and execute a High Vertical Elbow (HVE) every stroke. This will equate to several things:

(1) A greater distance traveled per stroke, which means less strokes taken per 25 yds.
(2) A greater ability to engage the water and use the lats, rear delts, and other secondary muscle groups (greater application of force against the water).
(3) Per #2, a higher demand/desire for oxygen initially because more muscles will be recruited per stroke and per a longer glide phase per stroke, which means a lower frequency of incoming air.
(4) Ultimately, a far more efficient swimmer.

Today I set the TT at 1.15 and did 15 x 100 on 30 sec rest. For fun I wore the Finis Freestyle Snorkel as well to further stress the lungs. The data set is below...

1:21.3, 1:19.8, 1:19.1, 1:16.2, 1:17.6, 1:18.0, 1:16.5, 1:16.6, 1:16.5, 1:17.0, 1:18.3, 1:17.4, 1:16.5, 1:16.6, and 1:15.3

The other goal was to hold 12 strokes per 25 through each 100 above. Perceived effort was about a 6 (1-10) or IM pace. It is important to note that one can go about 5 to 10 sec faster if they adopt a 'mindless' approach to swimming and simply thrash the water; increase stroke frequency. The neg here is that the energy cost goes up significantly and you will be reinforcing an inefficient approach to swimming into the nogan. This does not fair well for the triathlete who is eager to 'throw down' on the B and R.

I plan to be at the same TT setting of 1:15 and be at 1:10 sub for IML in August.

Have used up 4 hrs and 50 minute of the 10 total.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Momentum Building

Days 7 to 8 - June 2, 2009
You can't beat an outstanding wife! I have one and they are hard to find. Celebrated 6 years this past weekend. Thank God daily for her and find myself in awe of how well she serves Luke and I. Found her in Colorado after moving there to find her in 3 months. I love you Annie.

For those who are curious about the prep for IML here is the latest. Have completed 4:10 of training for this week. Completed 2 hours of the first Interactive Real Course Video (IRCV) of IML on Monday and then another 2 hours today. A solid 80 miles of indoor cycling. Eager to cover 120+ miles in the upcoming weeks to really load the legs.

Finding that an average wattage output of 220 to 230 watts is where I gravitate towards for these short indoor sessions. Predict that a 210 to 225 range will be where I hang for IML, but that will be determined as I execute the 60 mile (~ 3 hrs) IRCV and 1 hr run. This brick will be used to determine an appropriate wattage range that will set me up for a solid run.

Also finding that an HR of 150 (which is about 5 beats lower then my Lactate Balance Point [LBP]) is allowing for some sound assimilation of calories and fluids on the bike.

Purchased the Adamo saddle today per major sores 'downstairs' and a desire to have the opportunity to play my role in childbearing. Thanks "E" (Elmar F) for allowing me the opp to try yours first!

Have an incredible day everyone!