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Monday, June 15, 2009

Narrowing the Focus on IML

Day 22 - June 15, 2009 - Week 3
Another fine day in the garage. Put the heater in place and was disappointed in its peak output; 82 degrees. Will need to purchase another one with more 'umph' to it. Realizing I can't wait for the garage to become a furnace (July-August) I will create one.

Solid ride on the CT this AM. From past (January 2009) power testing my Critical Power was 330 watts (20 min all out). Thus, my Functional Threshold Power equates to 313.5 watts (5% from 330 watts). Where am I going with this?

Well, per the time on the CT and the IML 'course' I am beginning to strategize on a wattage range that will set me up for a good run. At the present time I have not come off the bike and run 'long' (1:00 to 1:30 / up to 13 miles) to see how the bike leg impacted performance (that will come). A wattage range of 215 to 235 is where I am setting my sights currently. Time will tell if this is too conservative or too aggressive. The good news is that I have about 60 days to feel this out.

Another "posi" (positive note) is that at my current Lactate Balance Point (LBP); 155 bpm my gut is absorbing/clearing what I put into it. Today I played at the LBP and above it just to see what my gut would 'say'.

Looking forward to testing my Critical Power this week and seeing if the numbers have changed since January. Oh, and giving ME another shot. This time I will only be hitting about 10 min vs. 20.

Week 2 totals:


  1. Lance - check craig's list for a heater. There are usually a couple out there at any given time. Not sure if you can go for the big kerosene heater in a closed in garage or not...probably not looking to simulate carbon monoxide poisoning as part of your specificity training :)

  2. You rock James...thanks bud for this pointer! Love your sense of humor bud...threw an 'air fist' on your behalf... ;)