Can you complete/compete at the 140.6 distance w/ only 10 hrs of training per week?

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Hanging w/ Scott C in the garage

Day 18 - June 10, 2009 - Week 2
This week has been ultra low in volume; 1 hr and 49 min thus far. Trying to bring my legs back from the 'beating' they took this Monday. Week 3 will bring back the volume and threshold intensity. I will also be adding ME strength work to the mix and executing a Critical Power test mid-late week. This will allow me to see the effect of ME on my ability to generate more power pre-IML.

Today was shared w/ my man Scott Campbell. He recently took on FL 70.3 and rocked it big. Very proud of him. He will be taking on Latta this weekend and I believe he will have an outstanding race. The clip below is him doing a Quick Brick Intensive in my garage. I love his enthusiasm and willingness to live out 'racing specificity' by donning the 'retro helmet' as he called it; circa 1990s. You the man bro!

Side note:
(1) In the next few days/weeks I will be laying out what I have and will be taking regarding supplements/multi-vitamins/recovery aids, etc. I am doing everything I can to promote recovery amongst the heavier weeks of training that lie ahead. Many thanks to my good friend Cody Angell at TrySports ( for assisting me w/ this aspect of things. You can't find a cooler cat/guy. Phenomenal runner w/ mad skills. Representing at Du Wordls in 2009 (in his first attempt)!

Enjoy the day troops...


  1. Got to love living in Highland Creek...I actually saw Scott out running this morning while I was out with a buddy getting our long run in for the week. You were looking good Scott! Lance...riding on rollers while videoing...impressive....

  2. No doubt...HC rocks my friend. Its a great thing seeing someone develop and Scott has certainly done that...

    See you soon...I hope James! LL

  3. Nothing wrong with the circa 1990 retro helmet...looks just like mine - LOL.

  4. Absolutely...if it ain't broke by all means don't fix it! Its all about protecting the lid...I still have a box (now containing my G.I. Joes...talking old school) of my first helmet...were talking 80's style...

  5. I'm sure you guys know and are just kidding around, but just in case, gotta chime in about protecting the lid. I learned a few things last summer about lid protection. Nothing over 3 - 5 years old will do. The foam actually begins to break down which means less protection. Of course, if it's hit the ground, replace it. Trek gave me a deal when I replaced mine. So, keep those helmets new and those retro ones as wall art! (katie)

  6. Katie...just noticed this are spot on my friend! I appreciate you drawing light to this subject...SC and JB you copy fellas!?