Can you complete/compete at the 140.6 distance w/ only 10 hrs of training per week?

Monday, June 22, 2009

Hills, New Kicks, and Week 3 Totals

Day 29 - June 20, 2009 - Week 4
Momentum is continuing to build towards August and everything is feeling strong. I am following the 'skeleton' calendar I created back on the May 6, which I called "The Game Plan". Today called for hill work followed by a 20 to 40 min run. Having ridden the IML course about 5 times at this point I have been determined that the longest hill out there will take about 3 min to ascend. Thus, the 3 to 4 min climbs pictured below. I plan on building these hills for the next 4-6 weeks (in duration to 5 to 10 min). I used the ergo mode on the CT to simulate hills (my 3D software on the CT is acting up - again!). To further increase the stress I placed the heater about an arms length from my face, had the dehumidifier rolling (creates more heat then the heater I think), and opted for no fan today. Alternated between "in the saddle climbs" w/ "out of the saddle" climbs for the hour.

My dear wife totally hooked me up / spoiled me for Father's Day (I am so not worthy) and bought me the Lunar Trainer (pictured below). I have been eying these for months and simply could not throw the coin for em' (thanks to MK and Run For Your I have only logged about 8 miles on em', but I think I have found my new race/training shoe. Weighin' in at only
9.1 ounces (men's size 9) you feel like you are wearing a glove on your foot. Folks, I am really stoked about this shoe. You feel like you are running bare foot, but yet have just the right amount of cushioning. I think I found my IML racing shoe.

Durable feather-weight cushioning—specially developed by NASA—provides instant comfort and a responsive ride in a breathable mesh running shoe designed for underpronators to mild overpronators.

Yep, I went over by 3 bad. I will keep a closer eye on this. For those interested I am in the second week of my 6th build week and will be entering a LOAD week next week. Looking forward to this next step.

Congrats to Chris N and Chris B in taking on Ford Ironman Coeur d’Alene yesterday, Matus K for taking the "W" at Bath, Mark M for earning a "2 spot" in his AG, and Chris O for claiming 3rd at Tri the Midlands. (will be doing 'shout outs' to my peeps who are rockin' and rollin' in the race scene going forward)

Last relevant note: Anne is a PHENOMENAL cook (all caps). Seriously, she is a "5 Star" cook. I am so blessed. If you all have ever eaten a Cold Stone ice cream cake you know where I am headed here. Pictured below is her 'creation'. Wanted to capture all its contents on tape, but she simply was not down w/ divulging. I'll try: 2-3 pints of Ben and Jerry's, home made cookie crumble, home made fudge cake (for layering), and tons of love. Bite for bite Annie has Cold Stone kicked/licked!The Leo's dig/do desert.

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