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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Breaking Points

Day 25 - June 18, 2009 - Week 3
For those who have taken on an IM before you know how this race tests the mind just as much as the body. Some would state, "...this race is 90% mental and 10% physical...". There is some truth to that and this AM exposed me to that mindset.

I opted to mimic the Run Baseline #1 from June 4, 2009. Tried to keep all the controllable variables in check as I could (temp, wind, nutrition), but one 'variable' was completely out of my control...enter Luke. The 4 AM wake up for me was not early enough and my little guy started bringing the noise as only he could: "...ashes, ashes, ashes and they all fell down...", "...Maaaaaaaaaaa!...", "...Daaaaaaaa!...", w/ the sporadic announcement of the need to pee (he is being potty trained currently)! All of these announcements (via the baby monitor) filled the 'Performance Lab' (garage) very well for Anne and I as we attempted to bust out our scheduled training.

So, our focus was a bit thrown off, but I think these 'distractions' are good and force you to deal w/ non-optimal scenarios.

For those who like data and details here is how today rolled:
- 5 min of rolling the lower extremities
- 10 min on PowerCranks and rollers; 1 min at 65-80 RPMs / 1 min at 95-105 RPMs
- 11.25 miles on the Treadmill w/ the focus on increasing pace per mile by .1 MPH at a consistent 1.5% grade
7:37 min/mile (ave HR 119)...starting at 8.0 MPH
7:24 (137)...8.1
7:23 (132)...8.2
7:12 (138)...8.3
7:08 (148)...8.4
6:57 (153)...8.5
6:57 (156)...8.6
6:54 (163)...8.7
6:57 (158)...8.8
6:47 (168)...8.9
6:45 (173)...9.0 (3 potty breaks threw data and HR response off a bit this AM)
- total elapsed time of 1:20:08, RPE of 7+ (1-10 scale), foot strike goal of 90 per leg per min, EFS Gel Flask used w/ ~16 oz of water, 2 Anti-Fatigue Caps

The fun part was putting 'the icing on the cake' to this workout. Per the title of this post I wanted to test the mind and legs further. I have found that most would rather (can understand fully) call it a day post the long and hard workouts, but in this '10 hr Project' I want/need to make conditions very uncomfortable and oppressive. In other words, I want to test my 'breaking points' often, but not overdo it. A fine balance must be achieved here.

So I went with the following quick and effective lower body strength session:

30 walking lunges w/ 15 lb dumbbells (walking in the center of my street)
12 deep squats w/ 15 dumbbells
12 plyo jump w/ 10 lb weighted vest
30 walking lunges w/ 20 lb dumbbells (yep, up the street w/ the compression socks and all)
12 deep squats w/ 20 lb dumbbells
12 plyo jumps w/ 10 lb weighted vest
9 x 2 one legged squat w/ 10 lb dumbbell row
...10 min of testing...

The goal was to hit 13 miles today on the treadmill, but I opted to tap out and save it for the strength element. Looking forward to working the volume up to 18-20 pre IML.

Shout out to Elmar and Bruce for joining the crew officially! Welcome aboard!

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