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Friday, June 19, 2009

Heat Training and 'my boys'

Day 26 - June 19, 2009 - Week 3
One key component to this IML prep is to prepare the mind and body for the heat of Louisville. Today marked the first intentional exposure to "IML conditions". At 12:45 PM I ventured off into the Alps...I mean Skybrook. Its crazy how easy it is to get lost in there.

Its funny how the heat creeps up on you. Felt strong and bouncy up to mile 3 and then out of no where things get a bit sketchy. It felt like mile 10 or 13 at IM. The goal for the next 8 weeks will be to expose myself to the worst conditions possible so as to force the body to adapt. Excited to do this and looking forward to seeing how the systems will become more efficient.

TET 40:47
Ave Pace 7:27 / Ave HR 159
Mile 1 - 7:06 / Ave 149
Mile 2 - 7:11 /157
Mile 3 - 7:21 / 160
Mile 4 - 7:45 / 163
Mile 5 - 7:44 / 168
.47 - 170

Relevant note:
Pre-weight - 170
Post-weight - 165

At mile 4 I was starting to feel a bit tested; sweating profusely, etc. Out of no where these four young kids are at the end of their driveway selling books and DVDs. "...nothing over 10 bucks they tell me...". Here is the kicker. As I am running by them in spandex they ask me if I want to buy anything. You have gotta love the minds and hearts of a young kid. Before I could mutter a word one little guy goes off sprinting to his garage to get me a bottled water. What a sweet gift from God. He is always there, He always knows what you need, He is always watching over you, and always willing and ready to pick you up when down or struggling.

I hope you all had an uplifting day!

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