Can you complete/compete at the 140.6 distance w/ only 10 hrs of training per week?

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Embracing the Heat

Day 31 - June 24, 2009 - Week 4
At a place where I am already beginning to enjoy/welcome/desire the heat. Won't share what I have begun to do as I drive home for fear that some may consider me bent/borderline insane. Lets just say I have no problem w/ ignoring the AC options available in my car. Is it cold outside?

Okay, its been a few days since I have thrown an update your way.

In the last 48 hrs I have taken on the following:

- 2 x 10 (1.5 miles) min tempo efforts at 6:00 to 6:30 pace at mid-day (6.65 m run)
- strength post in the sun w/ weighted vest; added stair work (~8 flights)

Quick Brick Combo
- 10 min PowerCranks (1 min 80 RPMs/ 1 min 100 RPMs) on rollers x 3 w/ 1.25 mile run x 2
- 8 tethered efforts ranging from 40 to 100 strokes (cardio cap utilized)
- hit a 1:05 post

IML Equipment Updates:
- Adamo saddle appearing to really suit me well 'downstairs'
- Nike Lunar Trainers continue to feel outstanding (they stress these are for 'efficient' runners only)
- Under Armor 30+ SPF long sleeve shirt is working very well

Planning on hitting 15 miles this week per the focus being shifted to the run in this build phase. Intending to create a scenario where I can 'hit a water stop' w/ ice cold water and Gatorade Endurance (GE) every mile. Really wanting to hit IML conditioned for the heat and per what they will have on the run course. I am not a huge fan of carrying much of anything on me on the run and have found that GE has always worked for me at IM.

The only dilemma I am facing at this point is the desire to train more then 10 hrs/wk, but for obvious reasons I am resisting the temptation to deviate. I want to test this 'project' and be able to encourage others that this event can be tackled using a minimalist approach.

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