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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

"Latta Taper" and Source of Strength

Day 17 - June 10, 2009 - Week 2
As you all is ideal to have a solid taper leading into an event. In hindsight this cat should have opted out of the ME workout Monday, but the temptation was simply too great to pass up. Jade, Gary, and my man SonniD were in the house. That equates to a party for me. So, the hope is the body will absorb this workout and by Saturday I'll be ready for battle.

Thought I would address a very common question asked of me as a coach..., "What do you do when the going gets tough when racing?".

I pray to THE "PowerBar" (I don't use PowerBar) that is always available when the going gets tough. Christ alone is my strength and my ongoing provider. When the pain/discomfort is simply unbearable I do my best to focus in on Christ as he hung on the cross. That is pain and suffering. It amazes me that He did that for me and for ALL mankind. Blows me away.

For those who have never seen this clip done by Ryan Hall (Olympic marathoner/stud/Christian)...I believe it is a must see. Its heavy and it always hits me in the center of the chest:
(thanks to Kelly Fillnow for sending this to me)

I am big fan of drawing close to Christ and my family. This AM was complete rest w/ time in the Word and "God Built" by Steve Farrar (I love this guy...shoots straight and from the hip). Below is a fun clip taken with my little guy Luke this morning. I was in need of some R & R and he came through big time.

A big welcome to the "Ironmanin10" beautiful wife Anne (pictured below in "Central Command 2" at home)....I love you babe!

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