Can you complete/compete at the 140.6 distance w/ only 10 hrs of training per week?

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

1 = 2

Day 23 - June 16, 2009 - Week 3
After the 2/3 combo (2 hrs on Mon/ 3 hrs Tue) I can say that this is the closest my legs have been to IM fatigue. In the last 48 hrs my goal was to test the legs on the CT and see how close I could get them to 112 miles. I was able to accumulate 103.75 miles and 5 hrs and 28 min on my Trek. This combo certainly tested me and exposed me to similar IM scenarios; doubt, highs, lows, and some white blotches dancing on the TV screen (seriously). So, mission was accomplished.

With the dehumidifier blowing some mad heat and my space heater representing the temp got pretty close to 90 degrees. Very happy w/ this development.

Oh...what is 1 = 2? I have read that 1 hr on the CT is equivalent to 2 hrs on the road. After the last 48 hrs I would say it is close to 1 = 1.50.

Per the brief video clip associated w/ this post you will see that I added a 10 lb vest to the mix (thanks Mark O for allowing me to have this last year). To increase the overall load on my legs in a very small window of time I exposed my legs to 1 - 2 min at 10% and 4 MPH (walking). Then at 1.5% ran for 1 min at a very conservative running pace. Post this 2 to 3 min loading I chucked the vest and 'ran like Luke' at faster then IM race pace (I love watching my little guy run around). Did this only in the last 15 min of 30. I wanted to spice things up and this did just that.
CAUTION: would not recommend this approach to everyone.

Have used up 6:30 hrs already in this week.

Side note: Thanks a ton to my Annie for 'holding off' Luke this AM. He would have been in there busting out lunges, some 1.0 MPH treadmill work, plyo jumps, and been putting playdoo in the fan for sure if you had not occupied him. Luke likes to say, " working Dada?...". I love you Annie.


  1. nice! Love it coach LL. I have my own weight belt built right in... will take me a bit longer to take that one off!

  2. I love ya Nick...your a trip...had to read that two times to get it...power on brother...