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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Hills and IML

Day 60 - July 22, 2009 - Week 8
I would estimate that I have ridden the IML course four times at this point per the Interactive Real Course video route. In this time I have paid close attention to the time it takes me to ascend the longest hills on the course. I believe the longest climb for me is within the 17 to 25 mile segment of the course (the out and back section). Most recently (last week) I approached these hills as I plan to approach them on race day = conservatively. It took me approximately 4 min to ascend these 3.5 to 10% incline hills. I exposed my legs to low RPM / high wattage hills (opposite of game day tactics) and enjoyed them immensely. This was a very high quality effort much like Tuesday (FTP 20 min efforts) and took just under 1 hr to complete (57:36). No run post...had to get the day started. Below is a summation of this workout graphically:

From a training theory/methodology perspective I am pre-fatiguing the legs slightly leading into the long run for this week of 20 miles.

Tomorrow will likely be spent in the water w/ the tether. It is relevant to note that I am doing 95% of my IML swim training via a tether set up. Not sure how many have noticed that my WEEKLY totals for swimming have been 100 to 300 yds. These few yards reflect my cool down post. Very few go this route, but I am willing to be the 'test rat' to see its effectiveness in regard to long course racing. I will also be spicing up this workout by jumping out of the pool and executing ME like strength work (at a much lower intensity) as 'active recovery'.

Have an outstanding day folks and embrace it! Coach L

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