Can you complete/compete at the 140.6 distance w/ only 10 hrs of training per week?

Friday, July 24, 2009

1 mile x 17

Day 62 - July 24, 2009 - Week 8
This week has progressed well. On Thursday (July 23) I created a scenario as race specific as I could. Per the image below you'll see that I executed 17 laps of a 1 mile course.

This can be very mentally taxing per the repetitive nature of this approach. I have found this to work well for me for several reasons:

(1) Allows me to carry nothing on me while running, but my Saltstick w/ Anti-Fatigue Caps.
(2) Allows me to train as I will race on game day; hit each Aid Station at each mile to refuel/cool off/refocus.
(3) Allows me a faster overall pace (case in point: July 23 ave pace of 7:24 including the 20-40+ sec walk breaks) for the run.
(4) Allows you train on a course that is very similar to the course you will be racing on (case in point: the course above is very consistent to the elevation gains seen at IML).

Within this run I had to make the tough decision to pull out early. The downpour that hit at 12 miles was outstanding; felt like a kid playing in the rain. Some of the fastest miles were had there. At miles 16-17 the legs did not seem to be as responsive so I opted to pull the trigger on this planned 20 miler. The mindset was 'quality over quantity'. In the back of my mind I also knew I had a 4 hr CompuTrainer (CT) and 1+ hr run to digest on Saturday. This workout has to be one my best.

Speaking of incredible workouts. I am elated to report that my dear wife threw down 3 hrs on the CT (disc 2) and then 1 hr on the HCP. She then posted a super fast 5 mile run on a rolling course; 7:20-7:30 ave pace (including walking through aid stations). Anne is in very good form for IML and I am super proud of her drive; being on the trainer at pre-4 AM is incredible! Go Annie!

Looking FWD to reporting in post Saturdays planned workout noted above. Hoping to have a break through effort.

Have an outstanding day everyone! Coach L

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