Can you complete/compete at the 140.6 distance w/ only 10 hrs of training per week?

Monday, July 27, 2009

"EPIC" Bike continued

Day 65 - July 27, 2009 - Week 9
Per my most recent post you can see that my little guy wanted to become part of the action. He was quick to opt for breakfast in the garage w/ "Dada" as I worked through Disc 1 of IML (miles 0-61) and then part of Disc 2 (miles 61-112). Not sure what he thought of the whole scenario as I spit at the base of his highchair and grimaced unnecessarily (more on that later).

This particular training session brought several things to light for me. Below is a summation of these points:

(1) Anne and I love desert. We do desert and love every bite of it.
The night before I made the error, however, of taking on too many empty calories (should have known better); ice cream and cookies. I normally take on more nutrient dense calories, but this night I did not. So, I think this came back to bite me in the tail post coming of the 4 hr bike in the garage (despite my intake of Infinit (280 cal/hr), Anti-Fatigue Caps (1 per/30 min), Endurolytes (1 per/30 min), and 1/2 a Kids Clif Bar).

(2) I became obsessed w/ numbers. In the past (and in this case) I have allowed NUMBERS to dictate pacing and intensity in such a way that performance suffers. This was the case in the closing miles of Disc 1 of the IML ride. For some reason I got bent on going sub 3 hrs for this section and did would not let go of this goal. As a result of this effort I completely blew my legs for the rest of the day (miles 59.06 to 61.07 w/ a watt range of 286-361). Luke sat there in his highchair and witnessed this absurd behavior and was left speechless. His face said..."...what gives Dada?...".

The combo of these two points completely left me in a deficit for the the planned 1 hour run post the bike. 3 miles into this run I could not run and opted to pull the trigger on it w/ hopes of another day. This was a major disappointment, but I learned from the experience.

I plan on giving it one more go in two weeks where I intend do the same ride, but stick the 1 hour run. This will be the last build phase before the IML taper.

Fun tid bits to share:

(1) Thanks to my man Cody Angell w/ Try Sports ( he helped me land a Rocket Science Sports Rocket Skin (
For kicks I took it to NOMAD Sunday to give it a go and here are my very initial results:
100 yd warm up w/ Rocket Skin
100 yd race pace w/ Rocket Skin = 1:02:5 w/ average stroke count of ~16 (11 low and 17 high)
(2 min to get it off)
100 yd race pace in 2XU Elite Suit = 1:04.9 w/ average stroke count of ~17 (15 low and 18 high)
...plan on testing this further, but for 300 yds of swimming I was very happy w/ how it felt...
...very, very happy to see how swimming w/ a tether ONLY for the last 2+ months has resulted in the times noted above...very encouraging!

(2) Including gum chewing into my regimen. I have found this to be a great way to refocus the mind a bit by working something in your mouth. The side benefit is that you can clean your mouth of the taste of the energy drink you have been using for the last 3 to 6 hrs.

(3) Ordered the CRAFT Kona Kit ( ). Have yet to receive it in the mail, but intend to use it in the closing weeks before IML.

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