Can you complete/compete at the 140.6 distance w/ only 10 hrs of training per week?

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Day 71 - August 4, 2009 - Week 10
It is hard to believe that I am nearing the final building stages for IML 2009. From a periodization stand point I am eying my last final go at tackling the Interactive Real Course videos of IML. I hope to engage Disc 1 (miles 0-61) tomorrow and then Disc 2 (miles 61-112) on Thursday. As I analyze the data and think of Aug 30 I can't wait to see how things pan out. Here is a quick break down on the numbers per the "10 Hr Project" on the CompuTrainer (CT):

- June 1st to the present -
  • average 'long ride' is 2 hrs and 50 min
  • average power output for rides lasting over 2 hrs on the CT; 228.4 watts
  • average power output for rides lasting less then 2 hrs on the CT; 253.1 watts
  • total number of rides exceeding 2 hrs on the CT; 9
  • total number of rides below 2 hrs on the CT; 8
Feeling very fresh and hungry for more training, which is not typical of Ironman triathletes. The "10 Hr Project" certainly promotes high quality training and leaves quantity for quantity sake at the door. My hope is that this will work in my favor come race day.

Eager to re-test on the bike from a Lactate Balance Point (LBP) and Critical Power (CP20) perspective post this week to further narrow the focus for the bike leg.

I am happy to report that my dear wife took on a 20 miler today and had a strong run. Held an 8:30 pace including 'aid station' walking (closer to an 8 min mile average). She is in good form and has utilized a similar training approach as I. The greatest deviation has been her time in the saddle outdoors post her CT rides.

Not much to report or to elaborate on. Hoping you are all enjoying the day.

Train smart....Coach L


  1. I think I saw your famous wife doing loops around the back entrance of highland creek...the "aid station" table full of cups of fluids was a dead giveaway for a crazy Leo workout.

  2. My good stand correct. My dear wife finally adopted this approach and she is now a big fan of the good old training principle of 'training specificity'....Good catch there my friend! :)