Can you complete/compete at the 140.6 distance w/ only 10 hrs of training per week?

Monday, August 10, 2009

Good news...

Day 79 - August 11, 2009 - Week 11
It has been a while since I touched base. So lets do some catching up...

This Saturday I spent time in Raleigh w/ my family as my dear wife took on the Duke Half bike course two times. I must give mad props to my man Jon Armstrong for hanging w/ Annie for this ride and for being there for her. I am very grateful for your sacrificial heart Jon!

Proud to say that she excelled and held a pace that reflects the effectiveness of the CompuTrainer training she has done for the last 8 plus months. I am a data geek so here are some numbers that reflect her current fitness level on this given day:
- HR average of 120 (I'd love to see the size of her left ventricle)
- MPH average of 18
- 101 miles total

Off the bike she ingested 7 miles at an average pace of 8:23/mile including walking breaks at aid stations and plenty of climbing out of the New Hope Overlook Park.

Upon her return to the Leo homestead in Holly Springs, NC she looked like she had just biked 10 miles and run a mile. You go Annie! You go! Bring on Loui'...

Switching gears, it is tough when you are mentally poised to take on a workout, but a small piece of you does not permit completion.

I neglected to mention (I believe) that last week was my last go on the CompuTrainer (CT) per the use of the Interactive Real Course video. The last ride on the CT was a great one, but what happened post this 2:20 effort is what has slowed momentum a bit. At mile 3 (of 4.5) my R calf begin to cramp up a bit and throw abnormal pain signals. The kind that force you to take notice. Well, this threw a wrench in things for the 20 miler I had planned for the weekend. I only got about 1.7 miles into the 20 miler and had to pull the plug. Being so close to 'game day' I knew I had to call it a day, which did not settle well for me.

The 'good news' that I so desperately had to hear and see though was presented to me at Harvest Community Church ( earlier that morning. For whatever reason I was simply not desiring church that AM, but I am so glad I went. During this service one of our missionaries in Nigeria (Peter Fretheim) presented a video clip that was a 'direct hit' to my heart. Tears rolling down the face and all. To see a man who had no arms and no legs have more joy then 10 of me was what I needed that morning. I hope to share this video when it becomes available.

Seeing and hearing Joshua speak of the joy he had in Christ helped me put everything in perspective despite 'this disappointing day'. I almost felt ashamed that I could be so caught up in me to not see how good I have it.

When my legs are screaming and I simply have nothing left in the tank at IML I certainly hope that Joshua will come to mind. I also hope tears will roll down my face as I think and ponder on the source of his joy!

The 1.7 mile run that was supposed to be 20 brought me back to...

Proverbs 16:9 (New International Version)

9 In his heart a man plans his course,
but the LORD determines his steps.

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