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Monday, August 24, 2009

...2 steps FWD and 1 step back...

Day 92 - August 24, 2009 - Week 12
So glad to report that I am able to run.

Seeing the gentleman at LKN this weekend in the wheelchair almost took my breath away. ALS is such a horrible disease. Didn't know what to say to him or what to write on his shirt. I needed to see that gentleman and be reminded how quickly life can change course on you. I know he would do ANYTHING to walk again...let alone run.

I will think of you my friend on game day.

On less important matters God has blessed me with the ability to run again. This calf ordeal has been part of His plan and I am eager to see how this will all play out. Thanks to Mike Danenberg my eyes have been opened to my over emphasized 'toe off'. This has really tweaked my R medial gastroc, but the new mechanics have allowed me to run 'pain free'...for periods of time.

This morning I propped up the CompuTrainer stand on the HC Parkway and rolled for 30 min in my 'race day threads' (Under Armour Heat Gear and 2XU race shorts - final decision folks). Held a steady 200 watts and enjoyed the scenery and entertained many passing motorists. Off the bike I felt like a stinking rockstar for 24 min and then wammooo the calf began to 'lock up'...again.

I hope that I am blessed w/ the ability to run this race because I feel outstanding when this calf behaves. For example, holding a 6:48 pace feels 'easy' w/ a mid-foot emphasis. So that gets me all gitty. I thought my watch was not working when I saw sub 6 pacing today. Lets do this!

Training and racing is a process. One must be able to deal w/ the good days/races and one must be able to deal w/ the dismal ones too. If IML does not pan out I will see it as a motivator...a kick in the pants. Sure, I will be pissed and ready to punch the closest Oak tree, but I will need to put my big boy pants on.

After all, I need to represent w/ the "10 Hr Project" and provide an alternate route to IM training. More importantly, I want to shine for Christ who allows me to stand, breathe, and move.

Rock on folks and enjoy the ability to It is a precious gift.

Coach Double L out...

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