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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Playing it smart....trying that is

Day 81 - August 13, 2009 - Week 11
Given how close 'game day' is I have opted to play it smart and avoid the common pitfall of squeezing in 'just one more long workout'. Crazy how tempting it is to fall for that. Being weeks from IML and having this calf issue has forced me to evaluate the options and be at peace with what has been done. I wanted that 20 miler, but will save the energy I would have devoted to that for the energy required to push in the last 13 of the 26.

The hope is to pull together a sharp 10-13 miler this Saturday on the old HCP (Highland Creek Pkwy) on the 'flat' 1 mile loop. I am so hungry for this run I can hardly stand it. Will likely wear my new Nike Lunar Trainers in this run to break em' in. There is simply not enough time for me to weigh out the Lunar Glide that I have waiting in my closet. If Kona happens I will likely test these dogs out. I feel like I have a "Foot Locker" in my closet per the number of new 'kicks' there.

Fun note
: Luke really likes the Lunar Trainer and told me today that these are the shoes...'...Dada wear at Ironman...'. You stand correct stand correct. He loves to scream/say...'Ironman'!

I hope you are all training smart and enjoying this beautiful day...

For those who like data and graphs (like I) you will see my workout from Wednesday below...

My man Mark O sent this YouTube clip to me that made me laugh so hard I cried...LOVED it! I hope you get a kick out of it like I did....

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