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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Encouraging progress...

Day 74 - August 6, 2009 - Week 10
As you all have come to know I like to see progress. Yesterday was one of those days where I saw that on the bike. Below is a snapshot of how it went down on the IML course (Disc 1) via the Interactive Real Course video:

June 29, 2009
Ave Watts - 222
Norm Watts - 233
Ave MPH - 20.5
Ave HR - 144 bpm
Ave RPM - 96

July 18, 2009
Ave Watts - 233
Norm Watts - 238
Ave MPH - 19.3
Ave HR - 138 bpm
Ave RPM - 94

August 5, 2009
Ave Watts - 260
Norm Watts - 270
Ave MPH - 20.9
Ave HR - 145 bpm
Ave RPM - 92

Finding the legs to be really taking well to the CT emphasis. I certainly confess it is not easy mentally or physically to execute 95% of your bike training on the CT, but the pros far outweigh the cons HEAVILY (in my opinion). For example, I love it that I do not have to throw rocks at salivating dogs at mile 65 into a ride - huge pro!

Post this sub 3 hr ride the goal was to come off running at a pace faster then IM pace. 4.44 miles were covered on the HCP (Highland Creek Pkwy) at a 7:04 pace. Interesting side note regarding the value of compression clothing/gear/accessories. I have not experienced any calve issues for the last 3 months. Yesterday at mile 2 my R calve began to 'cramp' up. The only difference between this run off the CT and those prior was the lack of compression sleeves. So...I look FWD to seeing what happens Friday when I hit the IML Disc 2 as I have in the past w/ a run post. Hoping for a solid run w/ no calf issues.

I have to make another confession. I did the unthinkable the other day and took scissors to my Zoot compression socks. After trying out 2XU calve compression sleeves I saw no other choice. I did this for three reasons:

(1) It can take up to 5 min to work these suckers on (as a full sock)
(2) I found 2XU to be an inferior product to Zoot
(3) I want to have these suckers on under my Rocket Science speed suit and having the full version on would not flow

Last note for the day. Bought the Nike Lunar Glide to see how it matches up to the Nike Lunar Trainer. On the fence if this shoe can compare to the 'slipper' that I have come to absolutely love. Was hoping it would provide just a hair more stability and feel just like the Lunar Trainer, but not sure how it will pan out. Will keep you all posted...

Listen to your body....Coach L

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