Can you complete/compete at the 140.6 distance w/ only 10 hrs of training per week?

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

...Thank you!...

Day 93 - August 25, 2009 - Week 12
Before I know it I will be jumping into the mighty Ohio w/ 3000 other like minded folk. I did not want the opportunity to give thanks to pass me by.

I am thankful for...
(1) ...those who have followed this "10 Hr Project" and who have encouraged me along the way. Yep, knowing that others were actually 'tracking' me along the way raised the bar a bit. I appreciate each one of you.

...those who have touched based via email in the last few days/weeks and stated that they would be praying for me. That rocks and totally gets me fired up to know that others will be throwing 'air mail' for me. If I could give you the 'air fist', 'baked potato', etc. to you I would.

(3) dear wife who juggled everything to make this happen. Not only did she have to train for IML, but she more often then not put Luke and I first. She is in the business of hitting homers each day. Clear over the center field fence I say. Getting her tail up at 4 AM so as to keep the Lukinator (aka, Luke Leo) at the Leo casa vs. 'kid care places' always impressed me. Not sure if I am married to Martha Stewart or to Anne Leo sometimes; she kills it in the kitchen. Thanks babe for being 'my coach' at some of the most crucial times.

(4) ...being able to live out my dreams. In fact, I am very grateful that Anne AND I have been given the chance to toe the line. She was told she would never be able to run again and here she is primed and ready to do battle. No joke, I can still remember the MD telling her, "...maybe 5Ks, but I would not consider marathons...". Having micro fracture surgery (promoting the growth of cartilage) to the tibia and femur heads is a HEAVY surgery. This is another blog entry in and of itself. Once again, His mercy, compassion, and will reigned in this situation.

Along the same lines, I am so grateful that I can walk let alone run. It simply amazes me how gracious and powerful our Lord was, is, and continues to be for me. Being knocked clear into the woods at 40 to 50 MPH by a motorcycle was the best thing that ever happened to me (Oct 2000 - 1 week prior to IMF - last training run). Brain trauma, pelvic/coccyx bone fractures,
hip permanently scarred w/ the headlight of the bike, and learning to walk again wakes you up to eternity and grace quickly. I thank Christ for sparing me that day, allowing me to recover as I did, and then attempt IM racing. He is too cool, too strong, and too big for me to wrap my peanut sized brain around.

You all are awesome....and I look forward to working it at IML w/ you all in mind.

Not so sure what I will do w/ this blog post IML, but I certainly want to keep things fresh and interesting.

FYI: If IML does not pan out...I will be very eager to do some serious damage at one in the near future. Anne and I will be focusing in on another Leo post IML. So...if we are blessed w/ another mini-L this will keep the IM focus off radar for sometime. Short course will be the focus. about 70.3 in 6 hrs a week? Thoughts? NCTS title in 6-8 hrs a week?

Stay tuned...Coach L is getting fired up....


  1. You're putting off another little Leo until post-IML? You BOTH may want to wait until post-Kona as I think you and Anne are gonna crush IML on Sunday. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and let the strength of God and His little angels (like G-man!) carry you through to a strong finish. Go Lance and Anne!

  2. Good luck to you and are both going to do great!!! Cannot wait to hear about the race when you get back...

  3. Thanks Jason....look FWD to getting this party soon bro! LL