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Monday, May 23, 2011

Props to my Athletes

One thing that I love about my job is when I receive race results from my athletes that produce instantenous goose bumps that run from head to toe. When your lungs almost lose their contents that is an added bonus as well.

This weekend I received a call from Meredith Dolhare from Ironman Texas with news that produced the responses noted above. On an incredibly hot and humid day she battled and overcame many obstacles. Three obstacles worthy of mentioning:

(1) Older motorist hits Mer the day before, which produced some unwelcomed swelling in the ankle.

(2) Broken frame, which kept her from using the small front ring all day (props to Justin Andrews for working his magic to save the day and to make her rocket functional).

(3) Puke fest on the run, which forced some undesirable breaks from moving forward.

Given all these non-optimal variables I was amazed to hear Mer announce her claiming a 4th AG finish (35-39), which earned her spot to the Big Island!

I could not be prouder of her working through the 'yuck' and earning a spot to Kona for 2011! Congrats are in order.

I'd also like to give props to my people who have taken on White Lake this month and other events.

Other notables are:

Joe Nicolini - 1st place AG finish at Memphis in May
Anne Leo - 2nd place AG finish at White Lake #1
Mark Olson - 4th place AG finish at White Lake #1

It is also important to note that many of my peeps toed the line at White Lake and took much from the day; getting to the finish line despite delayed races, frantic starts and the good old White Lake heat and humidity. Way to battle it out everyone! It is a privilege to cheer you on!

Think big, train smart,
Coach Lance

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