Can you complete/compete at the 140.6 distance w/ only 10 hrs of training per week?

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Ironman Lousville in May

Today included one of the first key workouts for IML 2011 and my pursuit for Kona in less then 10 hours of training per week.

For the next 12+ weeks I will be sharing some of the key workouts that I will be using to sharpen the mind and body for August.

This morning things started at 4 AM with 10 min of foam rolling of the lower extremity and a 5 min dynamic warm up. Each workout starts in this manner without fail to ensure the body is primed and ready for the work that will ensue.

The nuts and bolts. I am a firm believer in targeting the 'sweet spot' when working the bike on my CompuTrainer (CT) in the garage/pain cave. Currently my 'sweet spot' is 246 to 295 watts (75 to 90% of my Functional Threshold Power).

2 hrs were spent on the CT this morning where the focus was to use both a ladder and pyramid methodology. Screen shoot below for those who like visuals.

The ladders and pyramid consisted of the following loads: 250, 275, and 300 watts.

Okay, shifting to the run. My goal is to load the legs in such a way that when I come off the bike I am close to '112 mile legs'. In other words, when I come of the battle wagon (bike) the legs should be somewhat fatgiued, but not blown. Having tasted the IM distance numerous times I know how the legs feel. I will bring the legs to that place in 2 to 4 hr CT rides.

The goal/plan for IML is to maintain pace vs. fall prey to the typical slow down/death march that is often seen at the IM distance.

I was pleasently surprised to feel legs that were pretty close to '112 mile legs'. For this run through the Highland Creek Parkway the goal was to run 1+ min faster per mile then goal pace for IML. Ended up being 6:50 per mile average for 8.5 miles.

There is something very freeing about having your IM training done before 8 AM on a Saturday.

For those wondering what the weekly breakdown is how it played out:

Train smart, think big, and enjoy the journey,
Coach L

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