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Friday, May 20, 2011

Control what you CAN control

There are many things in life that you simply can't 'control'. As hard as we may try we simply can't stop them from happening.

Case in point, we can't stop the aging process from happening. I will be older tomorrow despite my efforts. We try to control this natural progression by injecting Botox into our front lip (and who knows where else), having more "plastic" then flesh on our body, spending millions on vitamins, exercising each day, and eating good food. You get my point.

As triathletes we will spend 5+ Gs for an uber fast bike to cut 10 to 15 min off our Iron bike split, 2+ Gs for sick race wheels, and the laundry list goes on and on. Why? Because you and I want to control those variables we CAN control. Can't blaim you one bit for this kind of logical thinking!

One thing, I think many can do a better job at controlling is WHEN YOU GO TO SLEEP AT NIGHT!

I could count on two hands (maybe) where I have gotten a full nights sleep over the past 12+ months. Yep, two hands. Sleep, sound sleep, is like injecting EPO right into the old cephalic vein (best vein available for IV).

The birth of Grace and the unpredictable nature of Luke has promoted this inconsistency. As hard as we try, these little gems will behave as an infant and young child will behave.

So, I urge you to control those variables that you CAN control.

Recently, LAVA magazine (August 2010 - "Serious Recovery: Why Triathletes Need More Sleep") wrote a great article on this exact point. Here are some sound excerpts:

But here’s something you can do today—or tonight at least: sleep more. Even the best-designed, most brilliantly periodized training plan will not work properly if you aren’t getting enough sleep.

Most adults need between seven and nine hours of sleep a night. If that sounds like a dream scenario to you, you need to find a way to carve out more time for sleeping.

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Serious Recovery: Why Triathletes Need More Sleep - LAVA Magazine
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So, control what you can control and become a better athlete in the process. Oh, one more final point on sleeping and control. I would HIGHLY recommend the Sleep Number bed by Select Comfort. It is worth every penny and you will never have to buy another bed/mattress for as long as you live. When Anne and I actually get to sleep this thing makes the horizontal position heavenly.

Count some sheep for me tonight,
Coach L

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