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Friday, May 27, 2011

I run...

...because I can.

Not the most profound of statements, but its true.

The other day a young lady watched me run at 10K pace from my car to my office door. She said, "...are you a marathon person?...". She would go onto say that she saw me running about an hour ago near Wal-Mart.

Not sure exactly why my default is to run. Recently I had a jam session with one my atheltes and she mentioned she has the same default.

As I ponder the 'why' maybe its because I know that many can't run. Maybe its because I love to feel the power that comes from each toe off. Maybe its becuase I once could not run and can still remember how painful that first step was. Maybe its because I like the rush of air that meets my face. Maybe, just maybe, I feel like a kid again when running was all you did.

So, if you ever see me walking its probably because I am opting to let the legs rest a little.

I hope you have enjoyed the joy of moving today.

Go ahead, run out to the mailbox and see if you got anything, I dare ya. Run from your car into the grocery store, I dare ya.

I am looking forward to the day when a security guard attmempts to run me down thinking I have stolen a Powerbar or something.

Think big, train smart, and remeber why you CAN move,
Coach L

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