Can you complete/compete at the 140.6 distance w/ only 10 hrs of training per week?

Monday, August 2, 2010

Week 1

Staying true to last year I will share total training volume per week. This may appear a bit redundant, but it holds me accountable.

9 hours and 41 min of training was had. The emphasis is on the bike (4 hrs 15 min; 124.6 miles) where 100% of the riding is on my CompuTrainer (CT). I love my CT. No dogs chasing me down, no cars taking me out, bring on flats, and I can dismount in a jiffy to re-swoddle Grace if I must. Baby monitors are the cats meow!

Coming in second to 'mounting my battleship' in the garage is the run. This came out to be 2:56 hrs or 25.1 miles. 85 to 90% of this training is done on the road.

I sealed the deal with strength training. This came out to being about 2:30 hr for the week. Two sessions with Bill (~45 min of actual strength work) and the pre-training myofascial and strength work I do prior to each workout.

No swimming has taken place since Latta (June 12, 2010). Yep, I have been keeping from the water and will plan on hitting it one time per week starting this week.

This is a very brief recap of volume in Week 1. In upcoming posts I will begin to divulge the 'nuts and bolts' of how I intend to attack IMF and the competition from an intensity/frequency perspective.

I am really looking FWD to this IM and hope to test my limits.

Stay tuned ladies and gentleman,
Coach L

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