Can you complete/compete at the 140.6 distance w/ only 10 hrs of training per week?

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

"Speed Bumps"

I really can't stand slowing down for speed bumps. I actually avoid the breaks and throw the hands in the air as my Subaru clears em' (Luke loves it when I do this - at least he used to). I also don't like stop lights.

I am a big fan of moving and 'staying on task' once the sights are set on the target/goal.

You with me folks?

Well, as we all know metaphorical 'speed bumps' come at us at all angles when we least expect them. My immediate plans of building the engine for IMF has come to a temporary hault.

Tomorrow I will be getting my R medial meniscus worked on by Dr Pat Connor. Yep, back on February I had my L medial meniscus trimmed up (fell on my bike the day before FL 70.3) and now it is my R one. Craziness I tell ya. I believe this tear took place many years ago as I played catcher as a little tike up into college.

I really do look FWD to being fixed up and to be 100%. I truly do thank God for showing me once again how weak AND susceptible I am. I also love how He can change your course in a flicker of an eye. I trust fully in His 'guiding hand' in all things and know His plans always trump mine. Thank you Jesus!

Here is the catch troops. I still hope/intend to toe the line at IMF in 2010 if the surgery is the same as the one done in February 2010.

My poor wife must endure this with me and I appreciate her willingness to put up with me. Thanks babe!

I love a challenge and when you are forced to work through the non-optimal scenarios. Can't wait to see how this season will pan out and I intend to give all the glory and praise to Him.

Stay tuned for the 'rest of the story' friends...
Coach L


  1. I hope you are back up and training soon, best of luck!

  2. Coach, After totalling up my training hours for last week I thought about the name of your blog. Can you give me an example of your training regimen? What does 10 hours of training look like. I I totaled up 5.5 hours (and missed about an hour worth of workout due to work issues). Please enlighten me!