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Friday, August 27, 2010

Ironman Louisville 2010

Its 'chilly' here in Louisville - seriously. Could not believe that I was acutally cold this morning as I walked to Einstein Bagel. The scene is vibrant and there is plenty of fit looking folk walking the streets of Louisville. Its hard not to get all fired up about Ironman when you are at the race site of one. If I could I'd jump in on this one on Sunday. Below is a quick vid from my room at Louisville:

This was the first day I was able to 'workout' and I was gitty to get my heart pumping again. Mark Olson and I took off to the University of Louisville Nata torium with hopes that we could hit the water there:

Long story short, we walked into the place like we had swam there for years. Not a soul questioned our presence. They must have wrote us off as grad students or profs. So, we get into the pool area and there was not a single person in the water. We were fired up and quickly put suits on while on the deck (a comical story in itself as you can imagine). 30 minutes later and a mile or so under our speedo and we were done. Still, not a soul to be seen at this beautiful facility. Whats the deal we thought. This explains it:

I'd go back again tomorrow. Lesson learned: make sure to read the back of signs when things just don't seem right. The front of the sign was 'pool rules'.

Oh, no issues w/ the knee and water proof band aids don't work. After just 200 yds they were in the filters of the pool. Feeling great despite not being in the water since Latta.

Stay tuned friends,
Coach L


  1. Allyson and I are cracking up reading this. Love it. Swim a few laps for me in the morning.