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Monday, January 11, 2010

Good News

I endured a 23 min MRI this Saturday and was reminded how blessed I am. Being told not to move at all was tough for this cat. Having recently lost a friend to ALS (Bill Adair) most recently I was reminded of how he had to endure this for years and not minutes. Seeing Bill go from an active and able man to a bed ridden man was heart breaking.

Its crazy how we can take things for granted. I know I have. This MRI reinforced how blessed I am. I thank God for allowing me to get out of my bed each morning, feed myself, wiggle my toes, and to move in general.

No joke, the folks assisting me with this MRI most have thought I had lost my marbles. The moment my feet hit the ground outside the 'portable MRI trailer' I took off running! To feel that fresh air against my face and feel my heart pounding was joyous! Praised God instantly!

The following scripture holds relevancy:

Acts 17:28 (New International Version)

28For in him we live and move and have our being.

Besides the obvious 'good news' above I have more to share. The MRI showed I have a miniscus tear (medial). I am stoked and fired up to have some sound input on what has been ailing me for months now. Looking FWD to getting this thing scoped and to be back on my feet running and gunning again.

What gets me so excited about this 'setback' is to see how He will work through this for me. I want to glorify Him every step of the way and see how mighty and powerful Christ is! I want more reasons to praise Him for 'victories' in life.

I am really excited to see how this season will unravel. This will make the whole IM in 10 project even more to execute in 2010!

Stay tuned friends! Coach L

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  1. I LOL'd about you running out of the MRI room. I imagined you wearing a hospital gown and the Nike Lunar shoes.....

    GREAT news about the MRI results! Rejoicing w/ you!