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Friday, January 1, 2010

2010 - Take Two!

Happy New Year!

I hope you are all getting fired up for the upcoming season. Planning out your season can always get the juices flowing a bit.

"Team Leo" has two key items on the docket for this year:

(1) Bring another little one into the world. The expected due date is July 12, 2009. We are very excited about this new addition and I am certain Luke will enjoy a new 'training partner'. I only wish the nausea was not so intense for Annie.

(2) Further refine the "Ironman in 10" training methods with intentions of qualifying at IMF 2010.

I also plan on dabbling in the NCTS; Cool Breeze, Huntersville, Belews, OTM, Latta, LKN, and a few others will serve as 'threshold tests' for 2010.

With that being said, I plan on bringing more detail to my IM prep and the many steps that I will be implimenting along the way.

Generally speaking, I will be keeping volume low at this stage of the game and be focusing on boosting my high end aerobic threshold via loads of interval work.

I will be spending a significant amount of time in 2010 on myofascial work and corrective exercise. This will be executed prior to all of my training to keep 'hidden weak links' from surfacing later in the season as full blown injuries.

I plan on posting baseline data for the three disciplines in the near future. This will set the stage for preping for the sprint/international distances that will springboard to IMF down the road.

I look FWD to another fun filled season and hope to learn much from it...

Happy training folks...Coach L

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