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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

For the record...

Just had to throw up another post before the knife. Wanted to make sure people were not thinking the IM in 10 method/approach brought this injury on.

The more I thought this whole meniscus tear out I finally came to an acute moment in May last year. I was doing a last pre-race ride and when I went to dismount from the old Trek my trailing foot slid on the black asphalt like it was ice. Yep...flat on my bike I fell and the medial aspect of the L knee walloped the top tube. The pain that ensued was so intense I saw white.

The funny side to this biff on the bike pre FL 70.3 was that someone saw this 'go down'. There I laid sprawled out on the 'black beast', blood running down my knee, helmet skewed to the L, and the cool factor totally tarnished.

No words had to be spoken as the SUV pulled up along side me (window still closed). I smiled, he smiled and we both put our hands up in the air as to say 'oh happens'.

Anyway, I just wanted to document the acute incident that blew the meniscus.

I can't wait to see how things will develop in 2010 once this tear is eliminated.

Lets do this (as Luke would say)!

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