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Monday, September 14, 2009

Ironman Florida 2009?

Today proved to be the kind of day that left me thinking that IMF is doable for 2009.

At this stage of the game the goals are:
(1) Determine if the calf can take the loading that I intend to put on it at IMF
(2) To create the next progression toward sharpening the blade for IMF

There are 8 weeks before IMF and I am planning on upping the ante on the intensity aspect of things. Below is a summation of how this AM looked per the "IM in 10 Project" mindset/methodology.

This morning I prepped the legs w/ a a high intensity effort on the Tacx Flow that progressively built to 400 watts in the last 5 min segment. The game plan will be to widen these to up to 20 min at Functional Threshold Power (FTP). To further strengthen and stress the legs I jumped off the bike and hit 5 specific strength exercises w/ no rest:

2 sets
(1) Slider board x 40 reps
(2) Deep Squats w/ shoulder press; 20 lbs x 12-15
(3) Dumbbell row push ups; 10 lbs x 10
(4) Alternating leg lunges on instability pad; 20 lbs x 20
(5) Stability ball back extension w/ "T"s; 3 lbs x 12-15

The fun really began later this afternoon w/ the 10 miler. Very happy to report that the calf held up very well to a 6:36 average pace for this run. The game plan is to run long tempo efforts for IMF. I ran this run at tempo pace and hope to work up to 15-17 miles at this pace. For IML I was not holding close to this pace so I am seeing the positive adaptations from Aug 30, 2009.

Hoping to hit another longer run effort off an IMF race simulation (1:00 to 1:30 at 220-250 watts) in the next 4 to 5 days to further determine if IMF will be a go or not. $1,800 is not pocket change and I do not want to drag my beautiful wife and mini-L to FL for a calf induced walk fest.

Have an outstanding day folks!

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