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Friday, September 18, 2009

Decision Time nearing; IMF 2009

It appears that the "IM in 10" Project will continue into November of this year w/ IMF.

Everything is pointing in that direction, which is exciting indeed.

Tomorrow I plan on exposing the legs/calves to a 13 miler at an intensity that will be higher then IML training. The goal is to work in the 6:30 to 7:00/mile range for this run. Two things have allowed this faster pacing; cooler temps and the 'booster shot' I received from IML. I will also be working on a far more aggressive aid station approach. I look FWD to seeing how my gut will respond to running at IMF goal race pace through my 'aid stations loop'; 1 to 2 mile loop w/ a mock aid station stocked w/ Gatorade Endurance.

What I love about this 10 Hr Project is how it can really be modified to add 'icing to the cake' post an Ironman. In other words, post hitting IML I have been able to evaluate the weak links that were present and address them appropriately as November draws closer.

Case in point: I need to have greater sustainable power in the legs. My default is a high cadence of 95 to 100 in training/racing. In the weeks ahead I will be exposing the legs and systems to low cadence work to prep them for the course specificity seen at IMF; FLAT.

Below is how I will be building sustainable power at varying RPM and wattage ranges:

This workout wears on ya from a muscular endurance stand point and not from a central perspective (in my case). I love how the quads begin to ache and the fatigue increases through each 5 min progression. I also like dialing in on controlling HR response despite high wattage numbers. Much can be taken from this workout.

Oh, and then post this Tacx Flow ergo load I ran a 2 miler on the treadmill. Easy 7:30 pace was held w/ my Lunar Trainers, which I absolutely love!

Looking FWD to seeing what the Lord has in store for me tomorrow.

Power on friends and have a stellar weekend!
Coach L

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