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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

3 x 5K Follow Up

Wanted to make sure I clarified something per the test this coming Saturday.

Please know that this baseline test and all testing can meet athletes of varying fitness levels and experience. Below is a quick look of tests one could do in the water to validate both current fitness level and stroke efficiency*:

10 x 25 w/ 1 minute recovery

10 x 50 w/ 30 seconds recovery

10 x 100 on 1:30 interval

4 x 500 w/ 1 minute recovery per

3 x 1000 w/ 1 min recovery per

200/800 regression test

*To make these tests even more robust one could use a Finis Tempo Trainer to keep an athlete at an optimal stroke rate; not too fast nor too slow. In time the athlete will be able to cover the set distances above faster at THE SAME OR LOWER STROKE RATE.

As you can see, the tests noted above can meet the needs of ALL kinds of athletes. Testing can often intimidate some folks. I understand that. So, when I design baseline tests I always take into consideration where the athlete is STARTING from before prescribing.

If you are reading this post today and are on the fence about taking part in the 3 x 5K you can be rest assured this test can still fit.

Last night I had the opportunity to hang with the HCTC folks to talk about 2012. During this meeting one member voiced concern that this test may not fit her current fitness. I made it clear that she could do 3 x 1 mile with 5 to 10 min recovery. She is very new to running and wants to play it smart and I applaud her for having this kind of mindset.

Bottom line: all testing must meet the athletes current fitness level AND allow for validation of where they are. Without concrete baseline testing you can't determine if your training is providing the appropriate stress to promote the optimal adaptations you seek.

See you out there Saturday,
Coach L


  1. Athletes need to remember this is not a race. This is a great way to set a baseline that they can compare with in future, but the intent is not to compare yourself with other athletes.

  2. 3 x 400m is my set. 10 minutes rest between each one.

  3. Fellas...thanks for the feedback!

    MU, yes, you stand correct here. The KEY is for each athlete to use this test to their advantage. If one has never run a 19:30 5K it would not be logical to approach this particular test striving for a 18:45 5K for the first 5K effort. Logic must reign here.

    NW, I dig it. As we know, there are UNLIMITED choices for baseline testing. That is the beauty of testing.