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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

TRX Training

I am not tough enough to be a SEAL. I admire SEALs and often wonder how much I could endure if I took on BUDs Training. There are many qualities that these guys exude that I dig. Being able to endure Hellweek sums it up well.

Enter TRX Suspension Training. This approach to training was developed by an ex-SEAL who was determined to stay fit while out on the field fighting for our country. The story goes that Randy Hetrick - founder of TRX - was sitting in wait for 3 weeks in a 10 x 10 space in a harbor waiting for some pirates. The story gets better, but would expand beyond the focal point of this post. As a result of his ingenuity people now have zero excuses not to train.

I have very few regrets in my life, but the one I just added to my list was not adopting TRX training into my regimen earlier. Last weekend Anne (my wife) and I had the opportunity to take the Suspension Training course in Raleigh. For about 8 hours we were given a very thorough overview on every aspect of TRX.

Two days later I now feel as if a moped has run over my entire mid-section (anterior and posterior) at least 30 times each. I have always endorsed strength 'from finger tips to toes' and have finally tasted a system that delivers this. The link below shows one of my favorites:

For the more advanced here is a taste test:

I'd like to think this fella was a Navy SEAL or may still be one. Either way, this guy is legit and these exercises should not be attempted fresh out of the gate as a newbie.

So, CLL is a firm believer in TRX. I will be doing a baseline test on myself to validate where I stand currently from a muscular endurance perspective. I'll share this baseline test with you in the upcoming weeks and make sure to circle back with progress reports along the way. CLL is super excited to see the direct impact this approach to training has on all three sports and his loyal athletes.

Stay tuned,

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