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Monday, July 11, 2011

Rest Week and DQ

I have had the opportunity in my years of participating in the sport of triathlon to be ultra restrictive/focused to somewhat laid back about my 'diet' and training. I have tasted both ends of the spectrum.

Flash back to my days in Greenville, NC (~2001 to 2003) where I lived the 'hard core' and super stringent way of fueling, living, and training. All I did was work, train, eat, and sleep. I'd ingest sardines on bagels I made from scratch. No joke. My fellow co-workers at ViQuest must have thought I was a freak. I bought organic everything and thought I was doing everything right. I got 8 to 10 hrs of sleep each night. I had NO clue of how good I had it back then; the gift of sleeping with NO interruption. I rode my bike to work. I would make bread that took 48 hours to produce; seriously. Oh, and I trained 18 to 25 hours/week as the norm. I had no ladies in my life because I was too focused on completing my training hand. I had no time for anything but my bike, my speedos, and for pounding the asphalt with two feet. The funny thing is as I reflect back to those days I was about 15 to 20 lbs heavier then I am today.

Okay, so fast forward to July 2011. Last week was a rest week for me and I took 3 days of complete rest. Saturday was a day of constructing Lego creations with Lukinator (Luke) and "roughing up" on the couch. I also enjoyed the simple pleasures of Dairy Queen; Chocolate Extreme Blizzard w/ my fam. I have never felt better and stronger and find that this way of approaching life seems more sustainable. Don't get me wrong troops. I have a very serios side to me, but I find that being able to let go and enjoy the finer things in life as essential. I would never have touched DQ back in GVegas. It would have had to be soy ice cream. I am grateful the Lord gave me taste buds to fully enjoy each calorie. Anne's cooking is also a huge postive add on to my life. I give her the credit for balancing out my daily intake. I eat at Whole Foods each day per her creations.

I hope you are enjoying your DQ and allowing your body to get stronger by doing nothing.

Enjoy your ice cream tonight,
Coach L

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