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Monday, July 25, 2011

People Along the Way - Jackie

We humans are creatures of habit. Most of us have 3 or 5 running routes that we stick to and for good reason. It can allow one to look back and compare splits, HR response, etc. from one month to another. With time an athlete can begin to see improvement and become encouraged by such trending. Of course, this can also force an athlete to make every run a race. The latter is not the best approach. This post is not about analyzing data or setting PRs.

Stop and think of those familiar faces you see on 'your routes'. I know at least 10 familiar faces come to mind when I begin to reflect on the hundreds of miles I have logged on the old HCP (Highland Creek Parkway). There is the elderly lady who walks with a cane and who appears to have suffered a stroke. She is so sweet and always gives me the same smile and nod. Then there is the lady who always says, " make me tired...". Most of the time they either look at you like you are running from the Police or don't pay much attention.

However, on this particular day I saw one of my favorites. I hope to capture her in 'action' this week when I embark on my last long run for IML. Seriously, I am bringing my flip or GoPro to capture her moves. For months now I have seen her. Every time I see her I have always wanted to stop and introduce myself. Let me explain. Jackie takes up the whole side walk. She OWNS the side walk. With headsets and shades on she clearly is in her element. She shakes her little booty, draws her heel to the opposing glute, and simultaneously slings her head back. She then quickly slides to the opposite side of the sidewalk and does several stutter steps. Oh, and she is singing all the while too. You get the picture. Actually, you don't. So, I will have to hope that I get her moves on video.

So, I did what most will not do (when trying to muscle through a run that is quickly disintegrating) and stopped dead in my tracks to introduce myself. I had to meet this person that always humors me and puts a smile on my face.

In a mere 30 seconds I flat out asked her what she was doing and what her name is. I find out this awesome lady is Jackie and she is getting her groove on to some gospel music. If she had a fanpage on FB I'd be all over it.

I told her that she is awesome and I appreciated her mojo. Each time I see her I give her an air fist/thumbs up and smile. I can't wait to see her again. Oh, I forgot to mention. I saw her at least 10 times because I was doing the 1 mile 'Aid Station' route to further fine tune sound pacing for IML with appropriate fueling needs (fluids and calories/hr).

I hope you all have a Jackie in your life. She is a gem and can definitely take an average run and make it exceptional.

Get to know "your people" friends,
Coach L


  1. Very interesting. Somewhat of a role reversal related to who is motivating/inspiring who.

  2. Yeah Mark...Jackie glows. I hope you see her out there bro! You just want to hug her.