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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Corporate Cup 1/2 and Azalea Results

Wanted to take a minute to give my peeps props for a great showing at both the Corporate Cup 1/2 marathon and Azalea today! I am proud of each of you.

Corporate Cup 1/2 Results

Joe Nicolini 1:23:48
Coach L 1:24:35
Dan Johnston 1:36:39
Anne Leo 1:41:25
Dirk Wuensche 1:52:14
Logan Cerwin 1:58:03
Eric Cerwin 1:58:10
Scott Ellison 2:14:42

Corporate Cup 5K Results

Kim Marshall 22:43

Azalea Tri

Justin Andrews 49:48
Eric Rysdon 57:27
David Miller 1:01:37
Laura Rysdon 1:05:03

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