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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

How to Run and...

The other day as I was playing with my 5 year old son and he called me out. We were just finishing up a high quality 'rough up session' (I recently broke the frame of our bed - no joke - per roughing up) and were dancing wildly to the theme song of "Crazy Town". Grace, our 18 month old, took part in the excitment and bounced her head just as wildly against the sofa cushions while holding a 'criss cross applesauce'. All of this is a sight to be seen for sure.

Sorry, I am talking 'kid code' and may have lost the attention of a few riders in the process.

Luke says to me, "Come on Daddy, run like you mean it!". I was left to wonder where he heard that one from ;). Its awesome how spongelike kids are. Its even more awesome to see how influential you can be to a little guy or girl. It appears that I am drilling it into Luke that if you are going to do something do it well and put your all into it. Its a true joy to do life with Luke.

Are you running like you mean it? When given the opportunity to run do you run with purpose? Do you put yourself out there and challenge your current self imposed ceiling? What is holding you back from 'running like you mean it'?

As a slight tangent I must digress to Luke on two 12 inch wheels. Luke knows to 'own it' and to 'take it' when ascending a hill. To see him come out of the saddle and attack a hill is simply priceless. Too cool.

The video below captures my son riding his bike for the second time. You can't help but love the enthusiasm and focus.

I urge you today to be passionate and to train like you mean it. There is no other way to train and to do life.

Live life like you mean it,


  1. My buddy Brian Scheall started the Raise the Level (RTL) foundation as a means to motivate individuals to become the best they can be in all facets of life. Everything we do should be done with a purpose, strive to be the best __________ we can be. This is a great post! Make everyday the best day of your life!
    I urge you to check out the link on the club facebook page to the article written today about Brian. Thanks for your constant uplifting CLL!

  2. KennyK...thanks man for the note. Look FWD to reading your buds stuff. Great swim this AM!