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Monday, November 14, 2011

Faster IM bike split - guaranteed!

I can't recall the first time I did it. I wish I could. It must have been back when I rode in Raleigh to the beach with Cid Jr., Paul Sullivan, Phillip Carter, Woody, Mark Workman and the rest of the gang. Those were long days in the saddle. Lots of fluid would go in and lots of fluids would go out through the skin and...

So, how can I guarantee you a 10 min improvement on your Iroman bike split? Moreover, how can I guarantee you this with NO additional training required? Easy. Learn to (brace yourself) to urinate while on the bike.

When I race I do not stop. The only thing that will stop me on the bike is a mechanical. So, when I hear people stopping to relieve themselves on the bike I don't really get it. In my opinion, that is an outstanding momentum killer.

So, for 2012 I encourage you to learn how to do this. Here are some pointers on the 'how':

(1) Survey the scene. Make sure to create space between you and others. You do not want to shower others around you. This is kind of obvious, but be considerate of others when you are ready to 'go'.

(2) I prefer to stand up and to lean to the left and away from my drive train. Once I take the 'pressure off' it is 10x easier to let things flow. You never want to lean right and get your drive train drenched. Remember, stand up, lean to the left, and relax. I also try to surge for about 30 or so seconds to build speed. I have seen speed diminish (depending on the terrain, wind, etc) to 5 to 10 MPH while taking care of this.

(3) After you have taken care of business I take a water bottle (preferably from an aid station) and spray myself clean. This all should take about 1 to 2 min total and you have never lost ground.

(4) For those who are concerned about ruining your bike shoe (left one) I am not sure what to say. Bike shoes stink. Kind of like running shoes. Sweat and urine don't smeel good. Thought it would be appropriate to state the obvious.

Stay in the game friends and learn this skill while on your battle wagon for the 112 miles, 56, etc. Its best to learn this skill while in training and not racing. I believe some of my IMF athletes this year could have gone at least 10 min faster on the bike if they had learned this skill and become comfortable doing so. Stopping up to 5 times on the bike to take care of #1 can negatively impact your IM bike split. Especially if you are hiking into the woods for some privacy.

I don't recommend learing this while training indoors over the winter ;)

Make sure to have fun,
Coach L


  1. Yes i will comment on this.....FANTASTIC! :) I love this post as I think many consider it, but never try it. Such a taboo topic, great post CLL!

  2. Not only did this affect me 3 times in B2B Half this year, I found it impossible to try for the first time while in the race. I thought it was hydrating too much, and didn't think it might affect others, too. Stopping not only takes time, but you lose momentum and any group that you are pacing off of. May try this the next time (or in a solo training ride). Just have to be sure to wash with Water and not sports drink...

  3. Ironam in zero. Where's my December content CLL?