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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Hang time w/ the fellas

It was invigorating to hang with the fellas this morning at Nomad. Fun to see how Mark O and my dear wife have grown this group in such a short period of time. Not sure where the ladies were today.

This AM I desgined a workout that focused on technique, high end speed, and corrective strength elements:

Swim Super Speed/Corrective

200 warm up: 25 Catch Up / 25 One Arm Transfer (L) / 25 Catch Up / 25 One Arm Transfer (R) x 2

Technique & Speed Focus

4 x 50 w/ :45 sr

ODD 50s - 25 Catch Up / 25 12.5 One Arm Transfer then 2 sec pause to 12.5 One Arm Transfer repeat

EVEN 50s -take as few strokes per 25 by INCREASING kick frequency and by WAITING on both hands before engaging water

8 x 100 w/ 1 min rec SUPER SPEED w/ fins

...DON'T get sloopy; stroke rate should not exceed 10 per 25....

-SAME 4 x 50 as noted above here-

200 cool down


Bench Y, W, T x 12

Mini-Band Lateral Steps x 10 (L/R)

Mini-Band Monster Steps x 12

Hip Bridges w/ Leg Extension x 12


Forearm Plank Touches x 20

One Leg Toe Touch x 12 per leg

Push Up with Row x 14

x 2

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