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Friday, April 8, 2011

20 minutes of pain

This past Tuesday morning I was once again reminded of how weak I can be. Its amazing how easy the mind can play tricks on you. When given the opportunity to fight or to tap out the mind can be pretty convincing.

Enter the CP20 (Critical Power 20) test. I can say I have failed or had to stop plenty of these tests with only 5 min expired on the clock. Why? Coming out of the blocks pushing a wattage that is simply way out of my league is the best way to stop a CP20 early. I have even tried to come back and fight the fight a second time after waiting 10 minutes to find my mojo.

These tests are hard. On this particular day I was moments from seeing the inside of my stomach on my epoxy covered garage floor. The room was borderline spinning and I had spit at least 2 to 3 shot glasses worth to my left. Not sure why that happens, but I spit when I hurt. Probably the most entertaining part is the groaning that surfaces from within. I am certain there have been times when my neighbors thought I was passing a kidney stone while riding a bike.

To the data. When the clock struck 20 min I had produced an avrage wattage of 349. Normalized power of 347.4 watts.

To the real fun. In a few days I will be getting my hands on the PowerTap Joule 2.0 and I can't wait to have real time data to play with that was once only available POST workout. Bring on TSS, IF, and NP.

I need to get some sleep while the getting is good.

I hope to post my initial experiences with the Joule by mid-week!

Train smart and think big!
Coach L

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  1. Dude, that is amazing wattage! I must admit, I dread the CP20...

  2. Lance, we haven't met but I train with Sonni. Very impressive wattage; you must be stoked! For some reason, Sonni likes for me to go 25 minutes!! Maybe he doesn't like me!?!