Can you complete/compete at the 140.6 distance w/ only 10 hrs of training per week?

Friday, October 8, 2010

What is your weekly average?

At this point I have been hitting on average 7 hrs and 12 min of training per week. Training for IMF officially commenced on July 26, 2010. Two key events have taken place just before and after this date:

(1) Grace Kells Leo came into the world on July 13. Those who have young children know the challenges that come with a baby - they are many. I am happy to report that Grace found her thumb about 4 nights ago. To get almost 7 hrs of sleep has been incredible and we are like new people at the Leo compound. Her smile is simply beautiful!

(2) Knee surgery on August 19; a medial and lateral meniscal tear were found in my R knee. This certainly forced me to slow 'the wheels' down. As noted previously, I take every obstacle that is thrown at me and try to see what the Lord is telling me. In this case, I was reminded how weak and susceptible I am and how strong and able He is.

This has not been the ideal year for Ironman training/racing. I do have to admit that Anne had warned me to stay clear of IMF, but I pressed on like a stubborn male. Confession made.

From a training perspective I have done my best to prepare for IMF. Here is a quick snapshot of some totals that will bring more clarity to what has been done July 26 to present:

Duration and % / Distance and %

Swim: 3.8 hrs and 5.7% / 5901 yds and N/A
Bike: 30.2 hrs and 45.8% / 918.9 miles and 86.2%
Run: 16.5 hrs and 25.4% / 143.8 miles and 13.5%
Strength: 10.42 hrs and 15.8% / N/A

Miscelaneous Facts:
Longest Open Water Swim = 750 meters (Latta Tri - June 12)
Longest Bike = 2:30 hrs (on CompuTrainer - Aug 13)
Longest Run = 13.1 miles (Highland Creek - Oct 8)

As you can see, there has been very little attention given to the swim and a heavier emphasis on the bike. The knee surgery really pulled my run training down significantly! What I look forward to most, however, is to see how the consistent strength training may 'fill in' for the lack of run miles.

In the closing weeks I plan on hitting the following 'to do list' items:

(1) Execute a Lactate Balance Point (LBP) test on the bike. Those who have been following this blog since IML 2009 know that this was one key tool that I use for pacing/training. I look forward to seeing where my numbers are in comparison to 2009. This test coupled with the data I extrapolate from a CP20 test will also serve to pace me for IMF. I intend to the LBP this week.

(2) Complete a 2:30 to 3:00 hr ride on the CompuTrainer where attention will be on riding under the LBP by as much as 20 bpm. The data collected from the CP20 will allow me to sync in precisely with realistic IM watts, which will compliment my LBP data. In other words, I have found my IM wattage range to elicit a HR response that is as much as 20 bpm lower then my LBP! Stay tuned for my findings.

(3) Complete a 2:00 hr run where the focus will be on consuming race course fuel (Powerbar PERFORM) at goal pacing; 6:45 to 7:30 min/mile. I will also be analyzing stride rate throughout.

(4) Continue to dial in with Bill Scibetta (Precision Fitness) where attention will be on maintaining core strength integrity and muscular endurance within the kinetic chain.

(5) Put the finishing touches to my bike. My good friend, Justin Andrews, put on a new 'cockpit' to my Trek last week. A new base bar, aerobars, etc were put on. I have never felt so good on my bike. I finally feel locked in and on top of my pedals.

Going into IMF with a weekly total high of 10 hrs and 51 min and weekly total low of zero hrs (knee surgery) leaves me wondering how the day will go.

I have no idea how it will unfold, but I look forward to the challenge. I look forward to the experience of trusting the Lord and in enjoying the gifts He has given me.

Stay tuned friends. I plan on posting my LBP results before the week is done.

Train smart,
Coach L

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