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Monday, October 18, 2010

18 x 1 and props

With only 3 weeks out from IMF I wanted to make sure to hit one last "long run". Given the knee surgeries (February and August) of this year my running has not been built as I would have liked. To make up for this I have made sure to dial in on the strength training and I think I am seeing the fruits of my times with Bill Scibetta (

This past Sunday I did the unthinkable and ran 18 times around a relatively flat 1/2 mile section of Highland Creek (see below).

The logic here was to run on a surface as similar to IMF as I could and fuel each mile with PowerBar PERFORM. I have not felt so good on a run as I did this cool Sunday morning!

The goal was to mirror goal pacing for IMF (7 to 7:30 min/mile), but I was unable to pull back. I know most of you reading this have had a similar experience. Some call it the 'runners high' and others call it the 'flow state'. I was there. It ended up being a 6:40 min/mile average day. It was truly a spiritual moment for me. I know the motorists thought I was a whack job, but I couldn't resist lifting my hands to the heavens when my 310XT audibly notified me of the 18 miles. The Lord was all over this run and I praise Him! I am in awe of how He has healed my knees in 2010!

So, excitement is building toward November 6. I know anything can happen at an IM, but I am optimistic about how things could turn out.

Switching gears for a moment. It would not be right if I did not give props to my dear wife Anne! I couldn't be prouder of her efforts. Last Sunday she toed the line at Take Flight (3 months post the birth of Grace Kells Leo) and had a great race. What amazed me most about her performance was how close she was to her time of 2009. She was 3 min slower on the run, but pretty spot on in the other two!

I am most proud of how she is more then able to excel as an exceptional Mama/Mommy and wife to Team Leo. She simply does not miss a beat. In my opinion, she is the perfect example of how one can shine as an excellent mother/wife and triathlete. Thanks Annie for your hard work 'on and off the field'.

Train smart friends,
Coach L

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