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Friday, July 9, 2010

Baby Coming!

On July 13, 2010 I will very likely be holding a baby girl or boy!

At 7 am Anne's 'water will be broken' and the process of drawing that little trooper out will commence.

Anne has been ready for this for about 8 months and I am both fired up and nervous. Normal scenarios.

Thought I'd post a quick update on the 'home front' for those who are interested.

On the training front I am happy to report that I participated in my first CrossFit WOD (workout of the day) on Wednesday. I could not have been any happier with how it went and how it shocked the system.

Steve and Jess Pinkerton both own CrossFit Vitality ( in Concord, NC. If you have heard of CrossFit and are interested in trying it out I would strongly encourage you to pay these folks a visit!

I have been eyeing this training method for years, but simply had no access to it. This facility is outstanding and Steve and Jess have a very good thing going here indeed.

On the "Ironman in 10" front I am now 3 weeks into preparing for IMF 2010. All is progressing as hoped and I will be sharing some specifics in the weeks to come. Below is a small sampling of what was consumed on the CompuTrainer this morning:

Not sure if anyone can see this, but the focus was to roll at my functional threshold of 320 watts for 1 min w/ 2 min recovery x 14. This intensity would draw me up to my current Lactate Balance Point of 160 bpm. These intervals were quick and concise and produced the HR response I was seeking by the last 4 or 5 intervals. I love HR trending. From interval 1 to interval 14 I saw a low of 145 to a high of 161 bpm.

I plan on retesting my LBP in the next few weeks to further refine training stragies. If any of you are interested in assisting me on this test I'd appreciate your help. Not joking. Puncturing my finger 15 times to get the appropriate blood sample can leave my fingers a bit numb/worked over. Thus, the reasoning for using earlobes when testing athletes. Less nerve endings and far more 'willing' to produce blood when prompted.

Off to prepare for 'the new arrival'....
Coach L

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  1. CONGRATS from your friends in Perth. All the best to you guys!