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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Strength Training

Had another solid strength session w/ Bill Scibetta this morning. As promised, here is a quick compilation of some of the training we did:

I am super excited to add consistent strength training to the mix in 2010. I often say that injuries can be a positive if you use them to your advantage. The torn meniscus that was repaired on Feb 2010 opened the door to attack weak links. In my case, it was found that my legs were relatively strong, but my core musculature needed an overhaul.

I can't wait to see how this vital aspect of training takes training AND racing to another level. It is worth noting that Latta proved that a consistent emphesis on strength training can prove highly benefical. The only constant leading up to this event was hitting the dynamic/corrective strength two times per week with Bill (for 2 to 3 months). Per a calf strain that resulted from weak glutes and the operated knee I was only able to accumulate 3 weeks of good training for Latta.

Have an outstanding day folks and train smart,
Coach L

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