Can you complete/compete at the 140.6 distance w/ only 10 hrs of training per week?

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Some may be wondering if this approach will work for them. In this post I will give a brief background on past racing experiences with specific attention to the 140.6 distance.

2001 IM Florida - 9:44
I was in my early 20's and had no obligations other then working as a Exercise Physiologist in Greenville, NC. I had unlimited time to train and thus 15-25 hr weeks were the norm. IMF went well, but I made some terrible nutritional mistakes (2 to 3 stops in the porta-john). These mistakes kept me from Kona and I learned greatly from this experience.

2001-2005 - moved to Colorado to find my wife, found her in 3 months (God is good), took time away from triathlon to focus on Anne and not my triathlon goals.

2006 IM Florida - 9:40
I love being married to Anne. She is the best. I found it difficult to be on the bike for 6 hrs and log significant hrs of training w/ this solid new addition to my life. I put in maybe one 100+ ride for IMF and one 20 mile run. Logged training weeks from 8 to 15 hrs. Went into this race with not enough training, but trusted the Lord would give me all I needed to complete it. He reigned as always that day; earned a spot to Kona.

2007 Kona - 10:45
Enter Luke Henry Leo; Mini-L Train. With this new addition I really found training and logging significant hours very challenging. For 'the big dance' I was able to max out at one 75 mile ride and a 16-17 mile run. Not much training for the big island. Came down with a case of ITB and then a morton's neuroma all at critical places in the prep for this one. God was gracious to me and allowed me to shift focus entirely for this one per the variables noted above. I enjoyed the coral, 'enjoyed' the 2nd degree burns from the scorching sun, and walked the last 1/2 mile to find Luke and Anne. 'Breaking tape' with them in my arms made that day complete.

So...there you have it. That covers my IM prep.

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